The pursuit of balance

I had a bit of a moment last week where I spent a good while panicking because I didn’t have a blog post to go live on Sunday. I’d been so busy at work that I didn’t even want to look at my computer when I got home, let alone write a blog post and my weekends had been filled with lovely events like baby showers, weddings and barbecues in the mini-heatwave the UK surprisingly enjoyed.

Everything you read about successful blogging – hell even I’ve probably said it – tells you that you need to post consistently so your readers know when to go read your blog. And so, for the last three years, I’ve always posted every Sunday with the exception of a week or two every year when I go off on holiday. But because they are planned, in my eyes that makes it ok.  Unlike last week where it dawned on me that I didn’t have anything to go up that weekend and panic ensued.
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Emily x