The Wedding Diaries | six months to go

28th November 2020

six months wedding

Well hello there! It’s been a long old time since I’ve written on this blog and there are a few reasons for that. The biggest of which is simply that things still just don’t feel right at the moment, something I’m aware a lot of other bloggers are also experiencing. The global pandemic simply doesn’t lend itself well to creativity, at least in my case. So I’m just going to ride it out and see how we go!

In more exciting news, it’s six months until our wedding day! So as I’ve done previously for one year and one year and a half, I wanted to update you on where we are up to with planning the wedding…

Are we postponing?

Let’s get this one out of the way. The sad reality is a lot of people are still postponing their weddings, even in 2021. They’re scared that things will still not be back to normal by the time their wedding days and they want to get rid of the stress, which I completely understand. On the flip side, other couples are forging ahead, even taking advantage of the restrictions and enjoying an intimate day.

So what about us? Honestly, it’s been incredibly stressful and still continues to be. Some days I am full of positivity, others, I’m down in the dumps about everything. But right now, we are continuing to plan our wedding day as if things will be relatively normal. We have six whole months until the big day and a lot can happen in that time, we simply cannot guess where we will be at that point and there is no point getting worked up about it. So until we actually have to make a decision, probably in March 2021 I imagine (when we’ll hopefully be a bit more clued up), we continue to remain positive.

The wedding dress

I won’t talk too much about this but I’ve actually written a whole blog post on my wedding dress experience which you can read here. I visited four different bridal boutiques to find my dress and actually initially disregarded the dress I went for in the end. I’m completely in love with and now currently on the hunt for some shoes and accessories!

The pre-wedding shoot

Something that our photographer offered as part of her wedding photography package was a pre-wedding shoot. This is allowed us all to meet in person and for her to get an idea of how we were in front of the camera – e.g how much help we needed! Honestly, we were both quite nervous about it for separate reasons but we needn’t have worried as our photographer was incredible and it went so well! We actually went to our wedding venue for the location and we even got to take Luna with us! I’m so incredibly happy with the photos we got from that morning and we’ve actually got three of them blown up in our living room.

For any other brides or grooms, I cannot recommend doing a pre-wedding shoot, even if the thought freaks you out. It was such a chilled few hours and it gave us a chance to really get to know and feel comfortable around our photographer – and her, us.

Wedding ring

We had decided a few months ago to make use of the Black Friday sales but with the second lockdown looming in the UK, we know shops would be closed on the actual day of Black Friday. So a few days before lockdown, we popped into a few shops to try on some rings, ready for when the sales hit online. In the end, I managed to get 25% off my wedding ring while Matt wanted to do some further browsing. I’m pretty pleased with the discount on my ring as it’s such a huge saving!

Bridesmaid dresses

I honestly found this one SO hard. Our wedding doesn’t exactly have a specific colour theme as such, we’re just going with ‘Spring’ as our inspiration, which meant, in theory, that I had a lot of choices when choosing dresses. Yet still, I struggled. If I’m honest, I just didn’t like a lot of the options available. I was constantly looking until one day, my Made of Honour and best friend sent me a couple, which then led me on to others I liked.

I took the plunge and ordered a few different types then got all of my bridesmaids round to our house to try them all on. In the end, my two bridesmaids loved one specific dress while my MOH loved another. This worked out perfectly as they were all from the same designer and the same colour so they look really lovely together.


As we get closer to the date, I feel more comfortable starting to do some of our DIY projects and on our 9th anniversary (and while in lockdown!), we decided to spend the day getting started on a few things we had decided to do. It was a lovely way to spend a day and it really reginited my excitement when I’d been feeling a bit down in the dumps about everything. I’m hoping I’ll be able to share more of these DIYs with you once the day itself has passed!

Hen do

Now, this is one I can’t really tell you too much about for obvious reasons! After sending my Maid of Honour a list of names and contact details, she sent me the most brilliant puzzle to complete, revealing the date of my hen do! And that’s all I know! I’ve no idea what will happen with the hen do due to Covid but again, it’s one of those things where we’ll simply just have to wait and see.

And as far as I can remember, that’s just about everything! I’m planning on doing one more of these, probably at the three-month mark as I’m sure lots more will have happened by then to fill you in on. Even as just something for me, I’m really enjoying keeping a record of the process, however stressful it can be at times!