The Wedding Diaries | one year to go

30th May 2020

One year to go wedding count down

It’s a bit of a weird time to plan a wedding, especially with so many having been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus but it’s also quite nice to have something positive to focus on. If you’re new here, The Wedding Diaries is an accumulation of everything that’s been arranged for my 2021 wedding so far. If you missed part one, you can read it here. 

Bridal Party

I feel like every girl knows who they’ll ask to be part of their bridal party and that was certainly the case for me. It was a no-brainer that my sisters would be my bridesmaids and my best friend Lizzy is my maid of honour. I’m chuffed to have Lizzy’s son and mine and Matt’s Godson, Joshua as our page boy. He’ll be nearly two on the big day and although I won’t necessarily get to see him toddle the down the aisle myself, I know he’s going to look so sweet. I’m also having my two nieces who are six and four as flower girls and they will no doubt look completely adorable. I asked my sisters and Lizzy with a personalised box full of goodies and the children all received small gifts although realistically they probably had no idea what the presents were for!

Hair and Make-up

Unfortunately, I’m just not the type of girl who would feel confident doing my own make-up for my wedding and I can’t imagine how stressful it would be either! As soon as their books for 2021 opened, I emailed over an enquiry and send over the deposit to secure a make-up artist for me and my three bridesmaids. Having used this company a few times, I feel really confident that they will come up with a really natural, pretty look. I’ve also booked a lovely hairdresser who did my hair for a family wedding previously and as with the make-up artist, I’m pleased that I’ve been able to book people who I’ve already had experience with as it just saves any worry about not being happy with a service.

The Cake

I found I was constantly changing my mind when it came to our wedding cake. Both Matt and I love cake so we definitely wanted one but I struggled with the insane cost of something that gets well…eaten! Naturally, I started with Pinterest and found myself falling head over heels with some of the most incredible designs. I fired off some email enquiries and was met by replies with figures I just couldn’t agree to. And I think it’s important to note, fair enough! Cake making and design are incredibly laborious so the cost is entirely justified. In the end, on a recommendation from another bride, we found a cake maker who was able to work with us to a budget we were happy with. We’ve actually gone for a really simple design and are instead making the most of fresh flowers as decoration. We were also sent cake samples by our cake maker beforehand to make sure we were happy with the quality and I can’t wait for our family and friends to taste the different layers as they are so good! Now we’ve just got to decide on the flavours and fillings…

wedding cake


I like flowers, I really do. I love having them around the house and I knew I wanted real ones rather than artificial although I completely see why people go for this option. Trouble was, I know literally nothing about different of flowers. Which is why I was so pleased to meet with our florist, Emily, who was able to listen to me ramble on about the type of thing I was thinking and the colour scheme, offering helpful suggestions and showing us different options. You can spout flower names all you want at me but I’m going to have no idea what you’re talking about if you don’t show me a picture! Emily will also send a mood board closer to the time so we can get an idea of how everything will work together, allowing us to make any changes we might want.


Like pretty much every dog owner, our sausage, Luna, is the love of our lives and we couldn’t imagine having our wedding day without her there in some way. Luckily, our venue allows dogs at certain times of the day so Luna will be joining us for our reception, stealing the show I’ve no doubt! A few people asked if she’d be a ring bearer but as much as I love her, I don’t trust Luna to not bark during the vows. To keep an eye on our adorable pup, I found a wonderful lady who specifically looks after dogs during weddings. She’ll bring Luna to the venue, keep tabs on her and then whisk her away for a night’s boarding before we pick her up the next morning.

I can’t quite believe how quickly everything is coming around and that there’s just a year to go! We’ve got so much to look forward to including dress shopping and food tasting which I’ll be sure to fill you in on in the next instalment!