42 things we’ve all done while social distancing

4th April 2020

42 thing we've all done in isolation

At times like these, I think it really helps to find the humour where possible and in an effort to steer away from more ‘meaty’ blog posts, I’m trying to keep things as light as possible over on Musings & More. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been falling into some quarantine cliches over these last few weeks so I thought I’d create a list we can all have a giggle at. Let me know what you’d include in the comments!

  1. Hopping on the house party hype because how else will you talk to your friends?
  2. Bought animal crossing (and/or a Nintendo Switch) because everyone else on social media has and you’ve got FOMO.
  3. Cleaned (or ‘hinched’) your entire kitchen.
  4. Counted your toilet roll supply numerous times and considered a world without it.
  5. Attempted to help your child with school work and realising they may as well be teaching you.
  6. Baked some bread, usually sourdough.
  7. Rolled your eyes at the many people advising you to ‘dress like you’re still in the office!’ when you’re working from home, while you’re wearing 5-day old pjs
  8.  Attempting some form of home workout before realising how unfit you are.
  9. Deciding at the beginning of the pandemic to do something productive with all this free time like learn a language or painting. And then just not.
  10. Looking forward to your daily walk more than you ever thought possible. Then proceeding to make the most of it by not even going on your phone.
  11. Turned interior designer and either painted or rearranged one or more rooms in your home.
  12. Panicking at least once a week that you have Coronavirus symptoms.
  13. Are convinced your dog is smiling because they’re so happy to have the family home 24/7.
  14. Wondered if you’ll still get an Easter Egg this year and then immediately felt guilty about it.
  15. Reinstalled ‘Draw Something’ because you reckon you’ve got the time to be a pretty good artist right now.
  16. Decided your diet is not constructive to a global pandemic and have taken an ‘eff-it’ attitude.
  17. Considered killing your other half at least once and wondering where you’d hide their body when you can barely leave the house.
  18. Taken a work video call while wearing PJ bottoms out of shot.
  19. Talked your parent/an elderly relative through how to use Skype.
  20. Panic bought something useless that you definitely did not need.
  21. Forgotten what time, day, or month it is. ‘Cause who’s keeping track?
  22. Binge watched an entire TV series in one sitting.
  23. Bought loungewear from Boohoo, MissGuided, Nasty Gal or similar because needs must, right?
  24. Debated joining TikTok but realising you just can’t bring yourself to. Yet.
  25. Downloaded Disney+ because if anything can make you feel better, it’s Toy Story.
  26. Daydreamed about all the things you’re going to do when the world is right again.
  27. Keep consistently adding and removing things to your online shop because who knows when you’ll next be able to get a grocery slot?
  28. Wondered where your child keeps putting all these snacks they constantly keep asking for.
  29. Coughed or sneezed around other people and worried they’ll think you have Coronavirus.
  30. Found a gazillion different DIY projects you want to start but realise you don’t have any of the materials.
  31. Tried to remember if you always looked like a thumb or if you can blame Covid-19.
  32. Panicked that people will think your stock-piling when picking up groceries for both you and your drop at your parents.
  33. Constantly panicking if you’re 2m away or not from the person in front of you in the queue.
  34. Glared at groups of people who are most definitely not from the same household or social distancing.
  35. Read more than you’ve ever done in your entire life.
  36. Reacquainted yourself with The Sims and wonder why you ever stopped playing.
  37. Felt secretly pleased when the supermarket subsidises your chosen online grocery items with something better.
  38. Being traumatised by Tiger King but still continuing to watch every episode.
  39. Wondered why you can’t stop eating and how much weight you’ll gain while social distancing.
  40. Considered going for a run. Decided against going for a run.
  41. Declared you’re ‘letting your skin breathe’ by wearing no make-up but really, you just can’t be bothered.
  42. Felt eternally grateful and in awe of the incredible Key Workers keeping the world going right now.