5 free resources to take advantage of during the Coronavirus

20th March 2020


Ooft. You don’t need me to tell you how weird and uncertain everything feels right now. The Coronavirus has affected all of us in very different ways and while I certainly don’t want to gloss over any of that, I don’t think any more space needs to be dedicated to the c-word. Whether you’re working from home, recovering from illness or keeping your kids entertained, a lot of us are spending much more time at home than we would usually. So I wanted to create a blog post for a few resources that might be of use to you during this time. They’re all free and can be used when you wish, depending on what your days are looking like right now.

Soak up books

I’m a big reader and I always have been since I was a child. I truly believe books can offer everyone something. Whether you to use a kindle or like to plug in some headphones as you get the housework done, Scribd are making their digital library of ebooks and audiobooks available to everyone for free for 30 days. You don’t need to use a credit card or commit to anything like you would a regular trial, just make an account and enjoy the masses of brilliant content. You’ll need to use this link to get started. Personally I’d recommend Grown Ups and How to Fail.


I have a love-hate relationship with exercise but there is no denying the benefits it can bring, especially during times of unease. Weirdly, quite a few gyms are still open at the moment but I appreciate people not wishing to go to them. Instead, there are a number of things you can tap into to get your exercise fix or divert your brain from everything going on. Results Wellness Life (formally Results with Lucy) are streaming a free live workout every day for a couple of weeks on their Instagram. Alternatively, The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks is running P.E. with Joe every weekday on his YouTube account. This is especially good if you’ve kids or y’know, are shit at exercise like me. There are tons of other videos to access whenever you fancy

Head outside (if you can!)

Potentially controversial here but if you’re not needing to self isolate and you feel comfortable leaving your home, fresh air is always good for the soul. In the UK, we are permitted one form of exercise a day and while most country parks are closed for obvious reasons, right now nothing beats getting outside whether it be to simply stretch your legs for a walk or even a run.

Make some money

I understand that it’s a scary time for many people in regards to money, whether that’s needing to take unpaid leave or even the potential of losing jobs. It goes without saying that I’m not going to be offering any financial advice but whether this is your situation or if you’re simply interested in earning some money, Emma Drew offers some amazing tips for making money both quickly and easier. I’ve done a few of Emma’s suggestions on the side to earn a little bit of extra money here and here and I think my favourite has to be 20 Cogs, which is where you essentially have 20 ‘cogs’ aka offers to complete. These might be signing up for free trials, taking surveys or even receiving actual products. It’s pretty straight forward to do and I’ve made roughly £130 from doing it pretty much effortlessly but you do want to be on top of it. My top tip would be to make a new email account specifically for doing it so you’ve got everything in one place rather than clogging up your personal inbox.

Turn on the tunes

A good one to stick on in the background if you’re working from home or even just feeling a bit glum, music is one of those things that can instantly make you feel better. Sure, there’s always the radio to listen to but if you prefer something without all the talking, there are plenty of free music streaming trials to sign up to help you through. Over on Spotify you can get a month of Spotify Premium free which means no annoying ads. Or you can get three months on Deezer or Apple Music. There’s always a deal kicking about on Amazon too which is ideal if you have an Alexa at home. As you soon as you decide on one though, pop a reminder in your calendar so you can cancel it before your trial ends and not get charged.

I really hope these have been of help to you in some way. I’ll try and update this post when new resources become available. Most importantly though, stay safe, stop hoarding toilet roll and look after each other. We will get through this.