5 ways I’m making the most of Winter

14th December 2019

winter self-care

It’s really, really easy to hate Winter. It’s dark, cold and miserable and if you’re anything like me, you feel a bit guilty about the amount of food you’ve inhaled over the Christmas festivities. But I’m on a mission to make winter a better, more positive time. And this is how I’m going to do it…

Embrace, not endure

Summer seems so far away that it’s easy to feel a bit glum which isn’t exactly surprising when we’re automatically focusing on all the negatives of this time of year. To counteract this, I’ve been trying to remind myself of all the things I enjoy about this time of year. Warm drinks under snuggly blankets. My birthday in January. The potential of snow. Hearty meals. Layering up clothes and wearing ankle boots. It’s a simple way to tweak your mindset and one I find it well worth doing when you start to feel a bit meh.

Snuggling up

Around Christmas, most people in the UK end up with around 10 days off from work thanks to bank holidays and booking time off work. While there might be a few plans here and there, when it gets to that limbo time between Christmas and New Year, for the majority of us Brits you’ll find us camped out on the sofa watching films and face first in a tub of Quality Street. I can really struggle with downtime but for some reason, I find it so much easier to give myself time to relax at this time of year. In winter generally, I feel a lot more justified about snuggling up on the sofa. Probably something to do with the dark nights that makes you dive straight into your PJs at 5pm.

Skincare shake-up

Thanks to the cold weather, our skin can really take a beating what with indoor heating and a drop in humidity. To combat that, I’m taking the time to invest in my skincare routine and make sure I’m looking after my skin as much as possible. I’m certainly not going to be giving up my hot baths and showers but as these can actually create cracks in your skin, as soon as I’m getting out the bath or shower, I’m slathering on moisturiser to help trap in the hydration. I know my face can especially suffer at this time of year with dryness so I’m also making an effort to use face masks to draw out impurities and keep my face soft.

Wardrobe revamp 

Forget the classic Spring clean, this year I’m starting early. When we moved into our new house six months ago, I made a real effort to not buy anything unnecessary. I could see how easy it would be to go mad now that we had so much more space to ‘fill.’ While I’ve pretty much stuck to that, there’s still stuff from years ago I know I can get rid off. I’m especially keen to tackle my wardrobe. I feel like your clothes should excite you and I haven’t had that with mine for a long, long time. My aim is to buy less but to buy higher-quality, longer-lasting pieces that can be used in multiple ways. So to start with, I’ll be getting rid of all those clothes I don’t wear. Wish me luck!

Reflect and progress

I like to think of Winter as the introduction to the new year.  It’s a chance to not only cast your mind over the year that’s gone by (whether good or bad) and what you’ve learnt but also to consider the year stretching out ahead of you. There are a lot of things we already know will be happening in 2020 (weddings, new babies etc) but there’s also a lot we don’t and there’s something really exciting about the potential of that. If you’re a planner like me, now is the perfect chance to plot your goals for the year and what you want to achieve. At this point, anything feels possible and (hopefully) your inspiration and determination is at its peak.