Designing our wedding invitations with Rosemood | ad

10th November 2019

*This post is in collaboration with Rosemood on a gifted basis

A lover of fresh notebooks, planners and calendars, I’ve aways been a stationery fiend,  so you can imagine how excited I was when it came to starting to think about our wedding invitations. To begin with, I considered just creating a website where we could post all of the information of the big day and while it certainly has it’s positives, the more I thought about it, the more I realised just how exciting it is to receive an invitation in the post and to hold the details to someone’s wedding in your hands. Most of us are so used to just getting bills and takeaway menus dropping onto our doormat and I love the idea of our guests pulling out a crisp ivory envelope and actually looking forward to opening it.

But where do you even begin with wedding stationery? I spoke to friends and family about what they’d done for their own weddings and people seemed to fall into one of two camps. They either DIY-ed their invitations which I simply didn’t have the creativity or patience for, or they commissioned someone to design and make then which, while I liked the idea of having something really individual, worked out pretty expensive. And then, I found Rosemood.

A French company that specialises in personalised stationery, I was instantly glued to Rosemood’s website. They had a vast array of wedding stationery to choose from including Save the Dates, wedding menus, order of services and even wedding guest books. Quite a lot of the stationery came in suite options so you could ensure you used the same style throughout your wedding if this was what you wanted or you could completely mix and match. I was really impressed with the huge selection of stationery to choose from, especially I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted just yet. It’s still fairly early days with our wedding planning and while we’ve got ideas of the stylistic routes we want to go down, I wanted our invitations to not limit us if we changed our minds on the style of our wedding for whatever reason.

I loved that Rosemood offered a free sample pack of invitations so you get the chance to see some of the invitations from the website in person as well as have an idea of the quality. Rosemood select a mix of their favourite designs for the sample pack but if there was a particular design you had your eye on, you could also order a free personalised sample (excluding foil designs) so you can make sure you are happy with it before going on to place an order.

Once Matt and I had picked out the invitations we liked, it was time to personalise the invitations with all our details which can be done really easily on Rosemood’s website. With many of the invites, you can even pick the exact colour you want your invitations to be to ensure it matches your colour scheme if you have a specific colour in mind. When it comes to ordering, simply select your colour from the colour picker and pop the chosen colour in the ‘special request’ box before you check out. Your stationery is then sent to the Rosemood team to be proofread, retouched and optimised to ensure everything is as perfect as possible. After just one day, I received an email telling me the invitations were ready for me to look at so I logged in and from there I was able to ask for certain changes to be made, whether it was the colour of the invites adjusting or the text changing. This went back and forward a few times until Matt and I were completely happy but I really appreciated this service as it’s so helpful being able to have someone else’s eyes to double-check everything. No request was too much and by the time the invitations were sent to the printer, we were completely satisfied with every aspect of the invitations.

There are lots of really nice touches that come with ordering your wedding stationery too such as being able to choose the type of paper your invites are printed on, ranging from Traditional Textured Ivory Paper to Satin Coated Paper and even the colours of your envelopes which come included with all invitations. I was really surprised the amount of invitation companies I found where envelopes were an extra cost! I also loved the artisanal foil that was available across lots of the designs in gold, silver and copper. Foil invitations take 2 to 5 additional days when it comes to printing but having seen samples of the foils invitations, it’s a really lovely touch that is most definitely worth the wait. I found this video of the hot foil stamping machine process really interesting!

Now given we won’t be sending our invitations out for a little while, I’m not going to show you our finished invitations just yet but what I will say is how incredibly happy both Matt and I are with the finished results. Obviously I’ve always been excited about our wedding but I got actual goosebumps holding the invitations. Everything suddenly felt very real. Just like our entire experience with Rosemood, the quality is absolutely fantastic and there isn’t a single thing I would change.

If you’re looking for stationery, posters, invitations or more, I thoroughly recommend Rosemood for all your needs. You won’t regret it.