The Wedding Diaries | a year and a half to go

25th November 2019

When we got engaged, I wasn’t really sure how much of my wedding planning I’d put on my blog. But after writing about our engagement in New Zealand, I found that I loved having somewhere to scribble about everything and it would be really nice to look back on in the future. So while there will be the odd post here and there on separate wedding bits, The Wedding Diaries will be an accumulation of everything that’s been arranged for the wedding so far. I anticipate these will be roughly every six months, with a few follow up posts after the wedding with the official photos. I know I really love these type of blog posts so hopefully, you do too!

The Venue

Deciding where to get married has got to be the hardest part of wedding planning so far. In my opinion, where you choose to get married can often set the tone and even theme of your big day. We dabbled with the idea of getting married abroad but decided against doing so because we knew certain family members we’d love to be there wouldn’t be able to make the journey and secondly, I’m too much of a control freak to sit back and just plan a wedding via email. I didn’t want to be flying over to Greece and having to cram in a florist, photographer and god knows what other supplier visits into one week. The venue we ended up choosing was the third we’d been to see and it was pretty much an instant attraction, certainly for me. I think Matt felt quite overwhelmed so we agreed to visit the venue again with our families on an open day before finally putting down the deposit. Taking place in a barn, the wedding is certainly going to have a more rustic feel which suits us both perfectly as we don’t want an overly formal, stuffy day. We settled on a date in 2021, deciding that it gave us both enough time to save and to take our time with planning and really enjoy it.


I love taking photos and I’ve always been told that having a great photographer for your wedding is a worthy investment and I couldn’t agree more. I spent hours trawling the internet f0r the perfect Photographer and when I found her, I pretty much begged her to let me book her, despite her 2021 books not being even being open yet! Her style was just what we were looking for, light, natural and romantic so I was really pleased to secure our day. Not everyone books a Videographer for their wedding but again, I knew how much I would treasure a film of the day (and the chance to see everything I may have missed!) so it was a big must. I’ve actually been stalking our Videographer months before we even got engaged as he captured the most beautiful videos that left me in tears on several occasions so he was actually one of the first bookings we made. Both our Photographer and Videographer have shot out our venue already which is really comforting to know.

The Band

Similarly to our Videographer, Matt and I actually found the band we booked for our wedding years ago when we were at a family wedding where they were performing. I remember quickly finding them on Facebook while we were at the wedding so I’d know where to find them when we (eventually!) got engaged ourselves. Music can make or break a wedding so I was pleased that we knew they could fill a dance floor as there’s something really sad about a wedding when no one is dancing!


In my most recent blog post, I mentioned how I worked with Rosemood to create our invitations. Obviously these won’t be going out until next year but I can’t stop myself prying open the box and marvelling at them. I’m currently toying with the idea of Save the Dates which I always thought were a bizarre idea but now I’m actually getting married, I’ve convinced myself nobody will come if we don’t send them. Typical! I feel a bit more comfortable that if we do send Save the Dates, we won’t need to send many as we’d only send them to those guests coming for the whole day, which is around 55 people. I’m also not too fussed about them being terribly fancy as our actual invites are utterly gorgeous and it’ll be these that people (hopefully!) hang onto.


It would be really easy to just buy everything for our wedding but a) that would work out pretty expensive and b) where’s the fun in that!? I love the idea of looking around our venue and seeing bits and bobs that we created together along with family and friends. It just makes everything thing that much more special. In my very first Money Diary, I mentioned that I’d splurged on a Cricuit machine which is essentially a die-cutting machine. You can do a lot with these clever machines like personalising clothing, creating papercraft, elegant vinyl and so much more. Most people will buy vinyl words from companies but I really took to the idea of making my own. I like that with the Cricut you create the design on the computer and then watch your design come to life right in front of your eyes. It’s also nice to be able to play around rather than worrying about wasting money. I’m a pretty creative person in my head but when it comes to using my hands for such purposes, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not exactly the best or most confident but I’m actually really looking forward to getting stuck in. I’ve played with the Cricut a few times but I know it’ll come in very handy closer to the big day.