The Low Down: August 2019*

2nd September 2019

*Post contains gifted experiences

I’ve always associated August with the end of summer. I suppose this stems from going to school and the new term starting in September but it seems to have been something I’ve held onto even now I’m 26. Nonetheless, by all accounts, August was pretty good! We had some scorching weather in the UK so it actually feels like we had an actual summer too. Here’s a round-up of how my summer looked…

Tap and Tandoor

Matt and I were invited kindly invited for a meal* at Tap and Tandoor, an Indian Gastro pub which opened in our hometown of Peterborough. We both love an Indian so we were excited to see what they had to offer. While most Indians tend to have very traditional Indian decor, Tap and Tandoor was much more modern and relaxed. Rustic tables, low lights, blue and yellow decor. There’s a big emphasis on alcoholic drinks, with Tap and Tandoor setting themselves up to be a great place to have a tipple or two with friends. The menu is only one page but I don’t mind this when the restaurant do the food well and T&T certainly do. There’s a lot of choice, even some quite different options although Matt and I found it quite strange they don’t do starters which meant we ended up with a lot of food all at once. Matt loved the Naan Sliders, flatbread loaded with onions, fresh coriander, pomegranate, chicken tikka and lots more lovely toppings. It was a flavour sensation in your mouth and a great sharing option. I chose the Butter Chicken alongside rice and garlic naan while Matt went for the Lamb curry. Both were inhaled, the flavours rich and the meat tender. The dessert menu is small, consisting of only four items, but you don’t really come for an Indian for dessert and by the time you’ve finished your mains, you won’t have any room anyway. Overall, we had a delicious meal and will most definitely be back.

So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

The books I frequently pick up tend to be thrillers but I felt like I needed something a little lighter so I requested Dawn O’Porter’s So Lucky from Netgalley. The story revolves around three different women with three very different lives. Each woman may look like she has the perfect life but behind closed doors, it’s a very different story. I’d be lying if I said this book wasn’t quite predictable but that doesn’t take away from the important messages that radiate throughout. The main characters are all really strong and their stories of personal struggle will resonate with a lot of women. Some parts left me cackling with laughter while others were really emotional, I completely flew through this book and it made me pick up Dawn’s second book, The Cows as she’s a really addictive writer. Out 31st October.

PURE massage

I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed recently so when PURE Spa got in touch and offered me a complimentary relaxing massage*, I pretty much bit their hand off. There are various PURE Spa’s around the country but mine was tucked away in a David Lloyd gym. You would never know it though as I was met by such a calm and ambient environment the team had created. After changing into my robe and slippers and flicking through a magazine in their relaxation lounge, Holly, my therapist took me through to the treatment room. I’d chosen a Relaxing Spa Massage which began with an amazing foot ritual treatment before I laid down for the full body massage. As Holly got to work, I positively melted. It was such a serene experience from start to finish with Holly relieving any aches and pains. When the massage was sadly over, I remember wondering how safe it was to drive home as I felt so out of it, almost like I was floating. A massage is truly something I believe everyone should treat themselves to every so often and I thoroughly recommend finding your nearest PURE Spa.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

I came into make-up and skincare quite late as a teenager and as you can imagine, was totally lost about where to even begin. The very first foundation I used was Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation which I remember my mum picking up for me one day and leaving on my dressing table.  I eventually moved on to other foundations as I got older ad more interested in beauty but a couple of months ago, something made me pick up the Lasting Finish foundation once more. And I haven’t put it down since. I don’t remember if it’s always been this good and I just wanted to experiment previously but I’m in love! It blends incredibly well, especially with a sponge and feels really lightweight on my skin, despite being full coverage. A little goes a long way and while I can’t verify that it lasts 25 hours (who is wearing foundation this long please!?), it certainly lasts through a day at work.

Couch to 5k

In the June edition of The Low Down, I spoke about downloading the Couch to 5k App although I’d yet to actually use it. Well I’m now six weeks in and I can’t quite believe how much I’ve progressed. For anyone who doesn’t know, Couch to 5k is a nine-week plan to help beginners gradually build up their running ability so they can eventually run 5k which out stopping. I’ve always hated running since I was a child but for some reason, I found myself really curious about the app. I was sceptical to say the least but I can completely see how it works and dare I say, but I’ve kind of been enjoying the experience. As with any exercise, it’s never going to be something I find ‘fun’ but I like watching my stamina increase and how strong I feel after a run.