The low down: June 2019

29th June 2019

Despite the weather in the UK not being able to make up its mind, it is officially SUMMER! June has been a really great month and here’s why…

Oh baby!

After months of planning, in June I threw my best friend Lizzy a baby shower for the impending arrival of her baby boy. I so desperately wanted to give her a lovely afternoon (she truly deserves it) and I’m pretty satisfied we did just that! It was a really chilled shower just like she wanted with afternoon tea for all of the special ladies in Lizzy’s life. My mum even made an incredible cake which tasted absolutely delicious. A week later, Lizzy and her husband came to see our new house and asked Matt and I to be the baby’s godparents! We were both absolutely delighted and I am even more excited for his arrival in just a matter of days and can’t wait to have all the newborn cuddles.

Easy listening

Podcasts have definitely become a very regular part of my day to day life and I probably actually prefer them to videos. I think it’s because I can pop on a podcast in the background and get on with getting ready for the day or cooking and I don’t have to give it my full attention. With a video, most of the time you need to actually watch as well as listen to know what’s going on which isn’t the easiest when you’re trying to nail your eyeliner. My most recent podcast favourite has to be Sh**ged Married Annoyed which is hosted by husband and wife duo Chris and Rosie Ramsay. While I was aware of comedian Chris, I didn’t know about Rosie but together they are absolutely hilarious and have accompanied me on many dog walks. The two of them bounce really well off each other and I love the section of the podcast called ‘What’s your beef,’ where they each bring up something that has annoyed them about the other that week. It’s very lighthearted but incredibly relatable and it makes a change to spend a bit of time on something that quite simply, gives you a good chuckle.

A new home

In the last low down back in March, I mentioned that we had put our house on the market. Well, three months later and not only have we sold our house but we’ve been in our new house for a whole month! I’ll be honest, it’s been a total whirlwind and everything has moved very quickly. We were incredibly lucky not only have a short chain but to have great estate agents and solicitor who got everything done really efficiently. I am completely in love with the new house and moving in was an incredibly exciting day, if not a tad overwhelming. We are pretty much fully unpacked but we’ve got plenty of stuff to buy for all the extra space we’ve now got to fill and a lot of decorating we’d like to do. If you’d be interested in seeing homeware/interior posts from me here on the blog, let me know!

Getting healthy

A few weeks ago, I got to a point where I got really, what I like to call, ‘fluffy.’ My weight had crept up ever so slightly and I knew my diet hadn’t been as good as it is normally. I’ve mentioned before that I follow Slimming World and because I’m generally at my target weight (the weight I wanted to aim for when I started), I can be a little more relaxed. But it looks like I got a little too relaxed as I found myself out of my target range. So I sat down and did what I knew worked, I went back to basics and planned my meals, including lunches, for two weeks. I then looked at my calendar and plotted in where I could do exercise. I do a weekly Zumba class so that didn’t change but rather than heading to the gym for a workout (something I admittedly can find hard to face), I turned to faithful YouTube. I actually interviewed Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) at work a few weeks ago but I hadn’t had any personal experience with his recipes or workouts and when I looked into them, his workouts are just what I was after. 2o-minute HIIT workouts that I could do in my living room without the need for any extra equipment. They seem straightforward but they really get you sweating. There are loads of videos to choose from so you can really mix it up. This one is currently my ‘favourite.’ I’ve also gone as far as downloading the Coach to 10k app as running seems to be everywhere right now. Though I’ve yet to actually start that one…

Morning switch up

When we moved, my journey time got shorter, giving me an extra 15/20 minutes before I needed to leave the house. I  recently read this book about the benefits of early rising. While I certainly wasn’t going to be getting up at the crack of dawn, rather than enjoy that spending extra time in bed, I decided to take some inspiration from the book and put my extra time in the morning to (arguably!) better use. The way I spend the time differs from day to day. If I’m reading a good book, I’ll snatch in a chapter or two. Or I might just sit outside with a coffee and my dog if the weather is nice, letting my mind wander. Carving out this very short window of time has enabled me to get my day off to a calming start rather than a hectic grab-and-go kinda morning. No, it might not necessarily affect how the rest of my day pans out but it certainly puts me in a better mindset from the start of the day. Being in the morning and right before the work especially helps because I don’t try to fill it with something ‘productive’, instead opting for mindful exercises that I otherwise struggle to find time for.

What have you been up to this month?