Valentines Day with Queensgate [ad]

3rd February 2019

Ah, Valentines Day! A topic which divides many of us.

Personally, I sit somewhere in the middle. Of course, it goes without saying that you should and can show someone you love and care for them any day of the year. But we all know how easy it is to take our loved ones for granted amongst the day-to-day comings and goings of life, and Valentines Day is what I like to think of as a reminder. And you know what? Some people do need that reminder. If you don’t want to ‘celebrate’, then don’t! But then don’t take it upon yourself criticise those who do like to acknowledge the day whether it be with a silly card, bunch of flowers, a romantic dinner or thoughtful gift. It’s simple, really.

When Queensgate Shopping Centre got in touch with a Valentines challenge for me to take part in, I was more than up for the job. My task was simple, hunt out the best Valentines gifts available at Queensgate’s many shops for a variety of budgets.

Under £10

Truthfully, Matt and I don’t tend to spend much on Valentines Day so I felt right at home with finding gifts under a tenner. First up, I went straight to Lush and was instantly drawn to The Llama Of Love (£9.95). Admittedly, it is only packaging but so what?! You get two Sex Bomb bath bombs, which blends together jasmine, ylang-ylang and clary sage to get your seriously relaxed. Dreamy.

Now it wouldn’t be a gift guide by me without a little sausage dog presence now, would it? And I think you’ll agree that this Sausage Dog Pot of Dreams money (£10) from Clinton Cards is well worth a spot. I’d love this for our kitchen window and it’d be great for making a starting on our wedding fund. I just think it’d be a shame to ever have to crack it open!

Perhaps a little silly, but this sweet four in a row game from Tiger is a bargain at £3 and one you’ll definitely use again and again. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get competitive over a little four in a row!

Under £25

Before we moved into our first home together, Next was one of my favourite places for furniture and homeware but I haven’t really had any need to revisit as I don’t shop there for clothes. Well, consider that flame relighted as I fell in love with the glorious Meant To Bee cushion and Happy Bee Doorstop (both £12). So much so that these have both made my under £25 list! I mean how adorable are they? Admittedly, I’m not sure how comfy it would be to sit against the cushion but I could certainly get behind a just-for-show cushion!

Surprisingly, the only chocolate related item that I’ve included in this post is this Chocolate Cream Liqueur (£25) from Hotel Chocolat. A truly decadent treat, this alcoholic drink is velvety smooth, combining chocolate, vodka and cream. Whether your enjoy over ice or even warmed up, this makes for the perfect Valentines tipple.

The blow out gift

Being totally honest, Pandora used to be somewhere I generally avoided as it felt like everyone and their nan went there and had a charm bracelet or princess ring. Which y’know, is fine. But before Christmas, Matt persuaded me to pop in as he knew I’d been looking for a nice ring to invest it for myself (little did I know we’d get engaged only weeks later in New Zealand!). I remember actually being really impressed with the selection and while I didn’t treat myself to anything on that day, I found myself in Pandora again during my Valentines challenge.

I probably eyed up the rings for a good 10 minutes but my favourite has to be this duo which I believe combines the Shining Wish Ring and the Shimmering Wish Ring for £65. I love how they sit together and the rings are so pretty and timeless, ideal for whatever you’re wearing.

I really enjoyed my latest challenge with Queensgate and I think I was pretty successful in finding some lovely gifts for Valentines, whatever the budget. And remember, you don’t need a partner to celebrate Valentines. Treat yo’ self!

This post was written in collaboration with Queensgate and I received a gift card in return for this post. As always, all thoughts are 100 per cent my own.