Our Engagement Story

17th February 2019

Some of you may already be aware of our news and it’s actually been nearly two months since we were in New Zealand and Matt popped the question but I still wanted to write a blog post on what will always be one of my favourite memories.
To set the scene, we had just checked into our latest Airbnb on Christmas Day. We’d decided to treat ourselves since we were away from our families at what back home was the most festive time of the year so we splurged on a two-nights in a treehouse. I’ve always wanted to stay in a treehouse and I remember as a child desperately wanting one of my very own. (I think Bart from The Simpsons was my inspo, not gonna lie). It’s worth mentioning that for us, it just felt like any other day as we weren’t swapping presents or tucking into a heaving roast dinner. The sun was shining, Matt was in shorts, there wasn’t a tub of Celebrations insight… it was pretty much as unchristmassy as you could get.

But we didn’t care. The treehouse was everything I could have dreamed of and so much more. I promise I’ll be going into detail about the treehouse at a later date but we just felt so lucky to be staying somewhere so beautiful. We walked out onto the balcony and were in awe of the view in front and below us. I was told later that it was at this point that Matt decided he had to propose here of all places. It was perfect.

About an hour later, Matt was playing with his drone outside, filming the incredible views. He actually decided to purchase the drone a year ago on the basis that we would be visiting New Zealand and wanted to make a little home video of our time there. I was inside the treehouse – taking blog photos funnily enough – when he called me outside to show me the epic views that the drone was filming.

One minute we were standing there together watching the drone and the next he walked away to put the remote control on the table before turning back to me and dropping to one knee, offering a square box to me with those four incredible words. I remember being completely speechless, crying and repeatedly grabbing Matt to kiss him, somehow not even really noticing the ring. But when I did –  what a ring! It’s so beautiful, exactly what I would have chosen for myself and even to this day, I find myself staring at it in awe.

At the time we got engaged, it was about 5am in the UK so we had to wait a few hours until we could FaceTime our families to tell them our good news. Apart from my Dad, nobody else knew and while I think a few people had their suspicions, everyone was thrilled, with lots of tears from our mums.

And now, here we are! The rest of our trip was a total whirlwind and now we’re back home, I still can’t believe it all happened. We’ve decided on a fairly long engagement but I can assure you that wedding planning is already underway! I’m toying with the idea of a few wedding posts, possibly a series, so let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!