Beauty on Trial #6

9th December 2018

Ashamedly, it’s been far too long since my last Beauty On Trial. Nearly a whole year in fact. Oops. Being perfectly honest, I simply haven’t had a need to buy any new skincare or beauty but a few weeks ago I had a craving for some new bits and this post is pretty much the result of that! For those who don’t know, Beauty on Trial is a series where I give you the low down on beauty and skincare products I’ve managed to get my mitts on! I always allow 3-4 weeks for testing, simply for fairness and so the product has the chance to do its thang. They aren’t always new products but rather new to me. So here’s what I’ve been trying out lately…

Pixi Beauty Vitamin Wakeup Mist 

My experience with Pixi is limited only to the cult Glow Tonic which I love, so I decided it was about time I gave some of the other products a whirl. Highly recommended by Caroline Hirons came the Vitamin Wakeup Mist, described as a ‘Boosting Treatment Toner mist gives a revitalized awakened effect to the complexion.’ Even before the product arrived, I was sure it was a gimmick. And it is. But I actually really like it. I’ve gotten into a habit of spraying it onto my face when I wake up and it’s gentle enough to not shock me awake but instead provides a refreshing burst that eases me from my sleep-ridden state. It smells bloody delicious too – an orange blossom water base blended with citrus fruit and lavender. It claims to act as a protective veil over your make-up but this isn’t something I’ve noticed as my foundation is fairly long-lasting anyway. Is £16 a lot for a facial mist? Probably. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy using it anyway.

Pixi Beauty Glow Mud Cleanser

Another Caroline recommendation was the Glow Mud Cleanser, a deep pore cleansing mud. You don’t need much of this product, simply apply a small amount over wet skin and rinse off. The consistency is very light and creamy and it removes any remaining traces of make-up to leave my skin feeling soft and clean after use, with drying it out. It exfoliates my skin incredibly well and I definitely feel a lot more glowy than I did. While I do like this cleanser, I don’t think it’s particularly helped with the pesky few spots I’ve been experiencing and while I certainly don’t expect miracles from my cleanser, I would like something that helps even a little with that problem area.

Barry M All Night Long Full Coverage Foundation

I don’t really budge from my favourite three foundations but the Barry M All Night Long foundation was on offer one day so in my basket it went! Sadly, it is anything but full coverage. It took a lot of work to build up and even then, I wouldn’t consider it full coverage as I was then having to reach for concealer to cover up a few spot scars. It is easy to blend and it feels very lightweight but I need a lot more from my foundation than this one can offer.

Diego Dalla Palma

I’d never heard of this brand before but I fell in love with the shade Madame Nude, part of a collection of five different nude lipsticks. Described as matte-creamy, the colour swipes on instantly with little effort as it’s very pigmented. It’s ever so slightly drying but I’m unsure if this is simply down to my dry lips this winter rather than the formula itself. The colour lasts well and the lipstick makes a valiant effort to not budge although as I’ve said before, lipstick naturally comes off when you eat or drink, whatever you use. You can check out Diego Dalla Palma in M&S, I’d love to know if you’ve used any of their other products and your thoughts!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette

I am a big Urban Decay Naked fan and have been for a long time. The result of this means that when a new one is released, like most of us, I immediately buy into the hype. Unfortunately, despite the sheer beauty of the packaging (which UD always nails) and the wide variety of shades, I’m just not feeling the Cherry palette. I actually found the shadows really difficult to work with and found myself returning to the pan multiple times to try and achieve a wash of colour – and that’s with primer. The staying power wasn’t much to shout about either and I came home one night after 4-5 hours wearing Naked Cherry, only to find the majority of it had rubbed off. It’s worth noting that one of the main reasons for my dislike is that I simply don’t feel red-toned shadow suit me personally, as much as I’ve tried! Perhaps I’m just too pale or maybe I’m simply inexperienced but I’m afraid on this occasion Naked, it’s a no from me!

So it’s been a real mixed bag this month! Do you agree with my thoughts? Disagree? What have you been LOVING make-up and skincare wise? Let me know what I should be buying next!