A short goodbye

16th December 2018


After over a year of planning, when this post goes live I will be two days away from jetting away to New Zealand an Australia for three long weeks over Christmas and New Year! If you want to read more about our travel plans you can do so here.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to happen with my blog while I was away and there was only ever one solution. So from this post onwards, I will be taking a break from blogging with my next blog post going up on the 20th of January. Yes, I could have prewritten posts to go up while I was travelling but the temptation to check on how the post was doing and to reply to comments would be too great and I promised myself that my only concern needed to be dedicated to absorbing every moment of the beautiful countries we were exploring. Y’know, mindfulness and all that.

I can’t pretend that my current relationship with blogging has nothing to do with my decision either. I’ve spoken before about my struggles with blogging and while I definitely a bit more comfortable with the content decisions I’ve made, I still find it difficult to balance blogging with my full-time job while wanting to have a social life and some down time too. So yes, admittedly I’m excited to have some time away from Musings & More but I’m also looking forward to creating posts on our experience in Australia and New Zealand when we return. If you have any recommendations whatsoever for New Zealand, Sydney or Port Douglas/Cairns area, please let me know!

I’ll still be tweeting now and again and I’ll be promoting older posts you may have missed, but if you’re interested to know what I get up to in the coming weeks, make sure you’re following me on Instagram. There I’ll be posting pictures and (hopefully) making you jealous over on Instagram stories.

But ultimately, I will be back and I hope you’ll stick around because there’s plenty more to come.