The low down: October 2018

28th October 2018

Ashamedly, I started ‘the low down’ (essentially a mash-up of favourites and a monthly diary) back in April with good intentions of making it a fairly regular part of Musings & More. Which considering it’s now six months later and this is only my second ‘entry’, I’m sure you can tell that has gone so well. Either way, here’s some of my favourites of October!

The High Low

Other than Serial, I’ve never really ventured much into the world of podcasts but my god, what a world it is! They’re perfect for when making cooking, cleaning or walking the dog a bit more interesting and so far my favourite has to be The High Low. I came across this particular podcast via journalist Dolly Alderton, one of the co-hosts, whose popular book, ‘Everything I know about love’ I read during the summer. Described as ‘a weekly pop-culture/news podcast’, The High Low tackles everything from politics to Big Brother, race and religion to celebrities. I adore the complete mix of subjects because like a lot of people, you don’t just have to like one or the other. There are some really interesting debates that get me thinking and I’ve been introduced to so many fantastic authors and news stories I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

I haven’t actually been able to do as much reading as I would like to this month as things have been a little hectic but one I’ve loved dipping into is Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies)Compiled by activist Scarlett Curtis, the book is comprised of 52 essays written by brilliant women (some you’ll know and others you won’t) on what feminism means to them. Particular favourites of mine are Keira Knightley’s raw account of motherhood and Bridget Jones’ Feminism Today Diary by Helen Fielding. It’s a wonderfully candid and completely necessary read I truly believe everyone should pick up. 


The beginning of the month saw us pack up the car and head to Wales. Part of our trip to New Zealand is the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. a 19.4km hike. As we’ve never really done anything like that before we thought it was wise to schedule in some ‘practice’ before we head off. And where better for a trial run than Snowdon? We booked a cosy b&b just 15 minutes from the mountain which had the bonus of being dog-friendly so Luna got to come too. The only problem was that the night before the walk, Matt turned to me with wide eyes: ‘I don’t remember seeing our walking boots in the car…’ I’d be lying if I said I didn’t throw a bit of a strop. After all, we’d driven six hours specifically to do the walk and had forgotten arguably the most important gear. Fab. Matt fortunately had some converse while I had to make do with a trip to Peacocks in the morning where I picked up a £10 pair of plimsolls. Yep, I walked Snowdon in bloody plimsolls.

Despite being convinced I was practically asking for blisters, the shoes did me well and we completed the walk in six hours. We were stopped several times by people who were amazed a sausage dog was climbing Snowdon. Luna was seriously incredible and every time we stopped for water she was desperate to get going again. It was insanely windy when we got to the top and unfortunately, we had no view but I didn’t even care. I just couldn’t believe I’d actually done it as I was so convinced I just wasn’t capable. It was certainly tough and there was definitely a bit of moaning from me but I am so proud. We didn’t take any decent photos as we were too busy actually walking so here’s one of the b&b we stayed in instead!

Hydratem8 Coffee Cup

I’ve become quite the coffee drinker as of late but as I’m always someone who will forever be careful with money, I wanted to start bringing in my own coffee from home rather than keep spending money in the work canteen. Enter Hydatem8 and their insulated coffee cups! Big enough to hold a large coffee, the reusable coffee cup keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for even longer. Now while I won’t be taking that long to drink my latte, it’s handy if you’ve got a long journey or are just a slow drinker like me. It’s also leak proof, so ideal if you’re throwing it in your bag and can be opened with just one hand. I’ve loved using mine this month and it’s really encouraged me to make use of the coffee machine we have at home.


Now I’m aware this is utterly cheating but the end of September/month of October saw us celebrating lots of lovely events with our friends and family which has felt like a really nice way to wrap up the last dregs of summer and welcome Autumn. The photo above is from a gorgeous wedding we attended and I decided it was a great chance to use a voucher to get my make-up done that I’d had lying around since January. I loved having someone else do my make-up, especially as I don’t feel like I ever do a good job of it myself so it felt like a real treat.

I’d love to know what you’ve been up to this month – let me know in the comments!