Autumn Homeware Challenge

5th October 2018

For readers who don’t know, I’m part of a lovely group of bloggers (dubbed QBloggers) for my local shopping centre, Queensgate. A few times a year, we get together at fun events to spread the word about exciting things happening at Queensgate. We also get some fantastic challenges to complete around the centre, previous ones of which you can read here and here. So I was very intrigued to receive an email with very vague details about our next challenge, especially because they can be so varied!

To begin, we all headed to Carluccio’s who were kindly hosting us with some delicious nibbles from their Autumn menu. There we met with the lovely Becca and Lee, who filled us in on the challenge by presenting us each with an addressed envelope. My own task was to explore three shops at Queensgate and find my favourite homeware pieces. I was kindly gifted a Queensgate Gift Card too which can be used anywhere whilst shopping in the centre and makes for a great gift if you don’t know what to buy someone.

As someone who absolutely loves finding little bits and bobs for our home and who frequently wishes that my house was bigger to fill up with homey finds, this challenge couldn’t have been more perfect for me. Without further ado, here are my top five picks for this Autumn from Primark, John Lewis and Joules!

Primark Scented Candles – Price unknown

My first stop was Primark, somewhere that is always surprising me with their range of affordable homeware choices. I love that there are constantly new pieces every time you shop and the fact that they look so much expensive than they are. I’m also a big fan of their fun themed collections, most notably Harry Potter which I have to restrain myself from filling up my basket with! Now Primark always has a fantastic range of candles but as my boyfriend has pretty much banned me from buying any more, it’d been a while since I’d purchased any candle. That said, this felt like the perfect excuse to update my collection – all in the name of research of course! I was drawn to these scented candles initially because of the gorgeous packaging (blush pink and rose gold, hello!), these jars would look so lovely on a coffee or side table and I really like that you wouldn’t see the black smoke stains that can occur too. (Yes, I know I need to trim the wicks but I’m lazy!) It goes without saying that they both smelt fab too though I reckon Lily & Honeysuckle was my favourite scent.

Primark Orchid – £8.00

Confession, I’m not actually very good at taking care of plants. So instead, I opt for ones that don’t need very much care (such as Sanjay my succulent) or good old fake greenery like this pretty orchid (at least I think it’s an orchid…) from Primark. I really think that plants can transform a room and one of my resolutions in our next home is to get very plant happy. I will definitely be looking to pick up something similar to this orchid as there’s something so delicate and calming about it plus the neutral colours mean it would comfortably find a place in my homes. Oh and it’ll never die! Bonus.

 John Lewis cushions 

Now everyone knows John Lewis is the King of Homeware so naturally that was where I headed next. I was actually recently at the store for an event where they introduced me to their Home Design Service, something I never knew existed. Made up of three lovely women, the team can help, whether you’re refreshing a room or even your whole home and will work to suit your style and budget. You can book a 90-minute in-store appointment to receive free style advice or a Home Design Stylish can come to your home for bigger projects for which there is a fee. Nifty, huh?

Anyway, admittedly I cheated with this one a bit because I couldn’t pick just one cushion so I’m including them collectively because let’s face it, they’re all pretty nice! I’m definitely coming round to the idea of seasonal cushions to switch things up around the living room, though I’m not sure my other half would be quite so keen! I’m definitely drawn to the Orange/Grey combo but at the same time, why not go full on Autumn with the Amber Spice?

John Lewis Wild & Wolf Copper and Blue Globe – £90

Ok so, hands up here, I’m aware this is out of my price range. But just look at it. If you’ve followed this blog for a little while now, you’ll know that travel is a big part of my life. Other than our mortgage, it’s what Matt and I spend most of our money on so I absolutely adore the idea of having something that represents our love of travel. The copper base and map instantly makes this piece so much more of a display piece compared to any old ordinary globe. Oh and did I mention it illuminates? Admittedly, I didn’t actually realise that when I clapped eyes on it but it’s a nice addition, no?

Joules Porcelain – £9.95

I didn’t actually know Joules did homeware and although there wasn’t a huge amount on sale at the Queensgate store, it didn’t matter as I was naturally drawn to this porcelain mug for one particular, sausage-shaped reason! Yes, I love me a dachshund but aside from that, I actually think the artwork is really beautiful and such a nice mug makes for a great gift (Christmas, anyone!?). There are seven other choices too including a chocolate labrador, squirrel and bulldog and the same designs are across plates and other kitchenware such as tea towels and oven gloves.

So there we have my top five homeware choices from Queensgate Shopping Centre! I’d love to know what you thought about my choices and what you’ve been buying for your home. Let me know in the comments!

This post was written in collaboration with Queensgate Shopping Centre. All opinions are 100% my own.