Are we really rushing through life? Or just being ambitious?

13th May 2018

Just lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts about life not being a race and how we shouldn’t rush through it. And I completely agree. But then it got me thinking. Does actively progressing quickly through life have to mean you’re rushing? Or maybe y’know, just being ambitious?

I read these posts with great interest because it’s definitely a topic a lot of us can identify with and it’s always a great comfort to know other people feel like you do, especially at an often frustrating time. I found myself agreeing with a lot of what was said but there was something that just didn’t sit right with me.

I would probably be considered someone who has their shit together. I’m in a long-term relationship, own my own home and am fortunate enough to have landed my dream job. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I happily consider myself to be ambitious. I know exactly what I want to achieve in life and I’ll do everything I can to get there and yes, as quickly as feasibly possible. But does this mean I’m ‘rushing’ through my life?

I can’t help but wonder if sometimes, we’re getting confused with plain old ambition. Is it not possible to rise and progress quickly through life’s exciting moments because your determined and thriving, not because you want to be first or because you’re trying to keep up with other people? Can we not still be enjoying every moment at the same time?

I’m all for people taking life at their own pace but if you’re someone who enjoys constantly setting goals and achieving them, who is anyone to belittle that? Some of us actually enjoy the process and love pushing ourselves to see what more we can accomplish next. As long as it’s all done for the right reasons, what’s the problem? I find it frustrating that personal progression (which, let’s remember, is a choice) can be viewed negatively, especially by people it has nothing to do with or in truth, are probably actually a bit jealous.

And to be perfectly honest, sometimes that ambition and drive is needed if you are to get anywhere. When it comes to moving up the career ladder, sitting back with your hands behind your head and waiting just isn’t going to get you anywhere. Because there is always going to be someone else just waiting to pounce.

This is one of those unplanned blog posts where I just write without really thinking too much, but I guess my point is this: Life is what you make of it. If your someone who likes to take a back seat and let things happen, good for you! And if you’re someone who enjoys a somewhat faster pace and chasing all that you want to achieve, you go get em, girl.