Dining at The Ivy Brasserie Cambridge

15th April 2018

Nearly three years ago, I started Musings & More. My very first post was about our visit to The Ivy Chelsea Garden for Matt’s birthday. I took the photos on my phone and bashed out a post without any real thought. Last weekend, we were invited for an all inclusive meal at The Ivy Cambridge Brasserie and to provide a review after its recent opening.  Funny how things turn out eh?

The weather was not on our side when we arrived in Cambridge for the day. It was that annoying kind of fine, spitty rain which while might not be a downpour but is enough to spoil a perfectly curled hairstyle – especially when you don’t remember an umbrella. Oops. Nonetheless, we meandered over to Lions Yard and quickly found the restaurant down Trinity Street.

I’ve been to three different Ivy’s and they have all been incredibly beautiful but it’s safe to say the Cambridge is most definitely my favourite interior wise. The restaurant is a wash of bold colours that you wouldn’t think would go together but just worked. I’m talking burnt oranges with vivid greens, a real 20s, early 30s vibe which I was fully on board with. There are masses of cushions, plants and interesting artwork taking up every inch of wall space, providing something for diners to look at, at all times.  The bar was certainly something to behold, a long curved space for more visitors to perch at on their leather stools, antique lamps littering the surfaces.

I don’t think I’d ever been so excited for a meal! Knowing just how well the Ivy did food from previous experience meant I was practically bouncing in my seat for the starters to arrive. We started off with drinks – Matt an Expresso Martini while I kept things simple with an apple juice. I’ll be perfectly honest that I’m always the type of  (read: boring) gal to order a diet coke at dinner but this time decided to go for something a little more fruity. It’s definitely I’m going to be doing more often as it was such a refreshing beverage to accompany our meal – so much so that Matt even ordered one for himself!

To begin, Matt opted for the smoked salmon and crab which was rich and flavoursome while I chose the Duck liver parfait. I’m a big parfait lover generally so will always opt for it when it’s on a menu but duck parfait was something I hadn’t actually tried before. It was heavenly. The accompanying toasted brioche was thick and soft, the perfect bed for the creamy parfait which came with pear and ginger compote and caramelised hazelnuts. I don’t know what I’ve never had nuts with parfait before because it was a sensational pairing – the crunchiness of the nuts worked so nicely with the velvety parfait.

Matt’s Fish & Chips main were the ‘best he’d ever had’ – with a light crispy batter covering fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth cod. He’s not normally a fan of mushy peas but scraped the pot clean. I went for The Ivy Burger with West Country Cheddar, intrigued how it would compare to the many other burgers I’ve inhaled in my 25 years. The meat came in a potato bun and was chargrilled to my liking (well done fyi). You could tell it was a high quality of beef from first bite and it was really flavoursome. It’s safe to say The Ivy do burgers well and I wouldn’t hasten to recommend it if you’re struggling to choose! As it should be, the burger was served with a generous serving of thick cut chips alongside horseradish ketchup although I opted for mayonnaise instead.

Defeated by our starter and main, Matt ordered a latte while I knew right from receiving the invite what I would be having for dessert. It may have been my third time having it but there was no way I was missing out on the Chocolate Bombe. It’s even featured on Musings & More every time! Sitting on  a bed of foam, vanilla ice cream and honeycomb is encased by a chocolate dome which is melted when your server pours over hot salted caramel sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone films or take photos of the caramel process, as I like to think of it. Every piece of the pudding goes hand in hand – the crunch of the chocolate and honeycomb, the coolness of the ice cream and the sweet, salty caramel.  It’s such an indulgent dessert and the perfect way to end our meal.

A huge thank you I seriously want to stress how welcoming the staff all are – they really couldn’t do enough for us. Shout out to our divine waitress Bruna who was always keeping an eye out and making sure we were happy. Hand on heart, I couldn’t recommend The Ivy Cambridge Brasserie any more. Not only was the food of an incredibly high standard and tasted delicious but the prices are much more reasonable than you might expect. The lengths The Ivy have gone to in order to create such a beautiful setting for you to dine in makes the occasion feel so special and I cannot wait to come back, even if it’s just for a coffee. Well, and a Chocolate Bombe of course….

Find out more information on The Ivy Cambridge Brasserie or book a table here. 

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Our meal was free of charge in exchange for this review but as always, views are 100% my own. Read more on my disclaimer here.