Easter Rocky Road

25th March 2018

rocky roaq

I have an immense love of chocolate so you can imagine how excited I get when it comes to Easter! With so many delicious ingredients to play with, it’s one of my favourite times of the year to bake and this years creation is pretty much lots of my favourite things combined in an incredibly easy fridge cake! The great thing about Rocky Road is it can literally be anything you want it to. I potentially went a bit overboard with my recipe as mine contains biscuit, peanuts, marshmallows, Cadbury Mini Eggs and Galaxy Caramel Eggs. I know, I know – but trust me, it just worked! My favourite part is definitely the caramel eggs as I love the gooeyness amongst the crunch of the biscuits and peanuts. If your attending any Easter get togethers these will look great stacked up on the plate or even if you’re not, they won’t last long in your house!

You will need:

140g butter
150g digestive biscuits
400g milk chocolate
150g dark chocolate
4 tbsp syrup
5og peanuts
40g marshmallows
1 bag of Cadbury mini eggs
1 bag of Galaxy caramel mini eggs

  1. Before you start, pop your Galaxy Caramel Eggs in the freezer for around one hour. This will make them easier to work with later.
  2. Melt the butter, syrup, dark chocolate and 250g of your milk chocolate in a pan over a low heat until combined. Keep a close eye on this as it can burn easily!
  3. Take the chocolate off the heat and break in the digestive biscuits to the chocolate. It will be tempting to completely crumble the biscuits but you want decent sized chunks for a nice crunchy Rocky Road!
  4. Mix in the peanuts, mini eggs and marshmallows. You’ll find the mixture is harder to stir so go slowly.
  5. Pour into a tin lined with baking parchment and spread out into the corners.
  6. Cut your Galaxy Caramel eggs in half and push them (caramel facing upwards) down into the mixture.
  7. Melt your remaining 150g of milk chocolate and pour over the top, spreading out with a spatula. This process just helps everything look a bit neater!
  8. Pop in the fridge for two hours before cutting into chunks. Enjoy!

rocky roaqrocky roaqrocky roaq

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