26 little things to appreciate in life

11th March 2018

gratefulAfter having the busiest week and feeling particularly stressed, I decided to get positive in this weeks post and compile a list of things to be thankful for. Hopefully, a lot of these are universal to us all but you might find a couple that are particularly relevant to me! I really enjoyed writing this post and it truly did the job – reading through this leaves me in a much better mood. Yes, there are all those big things like having a roof over our heads and access to clean water and we should be appreciative of all that too. But this post is primarily all about the little things. I’d love to know yours so let me know in the comments!

  1. A fully stocked fridge. So much to choose from! So much potential! I mean you’ll probably go for what you always have but it’s the choice.
  2. Waking up after an 8 hours sleep. You might not have appreciated a full night sleep when you were younger but is there a better feeling?
  3. The greeting from your dog when you come home. I could have had the crappiest day but having someone who is so bloody happy to see you every single time you get in is just the loveliest.
  4. That smug feeling when you’re proven right. Well I did tell you…
  5. The Killers Mr Brightside. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing you will rock out to this legendary song.
  6. A frothy coffee on a Monday morning. ‘Cause yknow, how else are you supposed to get through Monday?
  7. Forehead kisses. They’re just nice ok!?
  8. Hitting every green light on your drive. No one can stop you!
  9. Binge watching an awesome TV show on Netflix. The limit does not exist…
  10. A proper belly laugh. The kind where it hurts and you just can’t stop.
  11. Your dressing gown. The cosiest garment in all the land. You won’t wash it nearly as much as you should but you don’t even care.
  12. Chocolate. In whatever form you deem fit, the world is a better place because of this beautiful stuff.
  13. That first refreshing drink from a can of fizzy. Is it just me who gives a happy shudder?
  14. Putting your out of office on when you’re going on holiday. I’m out of here, bitches!
  15. A baby’s giggle. C’mon, you know it’s cute.
  16. Fresh bedsheets. If you don’t do that contented wiggle when you get in, you’re missing out.
  17. When your favourite shop has free delivery. Take my money! Take it all!
  18. Chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. So warm…so gooey!
  19. Sinking into a hot bath. A Sunday night bath with candles, a bath bomb and a good book is just what you need before a new week.
  20. That Friday feeling. It’s the weekend! Two whole days of freedom!
  21. The first BBQ of the year. Summer is most definitely here. Now pass me a burger!
  22. Receiving a compliment on something you’ve worked hard on. Why yes I did make this curry all by myself and damn right it’s amazing!
  23. Waking up before your alarm goes off. And realising you get to go back to sleep for a little longer.
  24. Taking off your bra after a long day. Need I say more?
  25. Listening to the rain when you’re lying in bed. One of the best sounds to fall asleep to.
  26. Fresh stationary. I mean yeah, you’re probably going to mess it all up by day three but for once you actually feel like you’ve got your shit together.

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