How to blog with a full time job

23rd February 2018

how to blog with a full time job
I’ve spoken a few times before about the fact I don’t want to be a full-time blogger (mainly in my post here), which is all fine and dandy but that then means you have to balance your blog along something else – in my case, a full-time job. Admittedly, it’s taken me some time to get to a place where I’m happy with that balance and after nearly three years, I reckon I’m in a pretty good place to give you my own tips on how I manage.

Plan as much as you can

This comes pretty naturally to me, being the type of person I am generally, but I wouldn’t be where I am without a lot of planning. I will hold my hands up and admit that I rarely have the luxury of writing a post and hitting publish – it just doesn’t happen like that. I have to use my time as productively as possible and being one step ahead by planning what I’m going to do with that time makes all the difference. My blog posts are always scheduled through WordPress and my tweets through Buffer. If you could schedule Instagram posts I’d be all over that too.

Sunday mornings are usually when I sit down and do all my blog bits: scheduling, replying to comments etc. It makes life so much easier knowing that I’m set for the week in terms of shouting about Musings & More and it’s just another thing off my mind. I really recommend booking in a short space of time each week to do your blog admin rather than spreading it out across the days as you never know the type of week you’re going to have and it’s nice to start your week off knowing you don’t have to worry about forgetting and everything can tick away nicely in the background while you get on with everything else you gotta do.

Capitalize your time

Realistically, you just aren’t going to have the luxury of being about to bash out a post whenever you feel like it so this means you need to make the most of the time you do have. If you’re unfortunate enough to have one, a long commute is a great way to get some of that all important blog admin done. Whether that’s emails, brainstorming or even writing blog posts, get your brain ticking and use the journey to your advantage. I personally find that it also helps because you’re already in work mode and feeling pretty productive! If you don’t have a long commute, why not try getting up half an hour a morning or two a week? It won’t kill you…promise!

Avoid distraction

Everyone is different but none of us are immune to distraction which is why removing this distraction is key to getting shit done. I used to blog with the TV on in the background and it doesn’t to take a genius to work out that I was getting very little actual blogging done. It wasn’t because what was on the telly was particularly good but more that if I experienced a mental block or got stuck on something, the TV gave my brain something to latch onto.

So nowadays, I like to sit in a quiet room with both the TV and my phone switched off.  I’ll have a drink or snack nearby so I don’t have the excuse of getting up to prepare something and I’ll even go as far as switching WiFi on my computer off as it is so easy to lose endless time to scrolling Facebook or Instagram. These small steps really help me focus on the task at hand and ultimately, get the job done quicker.

Don’t be afraid to take a break

This was something I actually did last week. While I try and post consistently (every Sunday morning if you’re wondering), sometimes things can get incredibly busy and I just don’t have the time to take photos, edit the photos, write the post, promote it…you get the idea. It used to be something I would really beat myself up for but I was finding that I would do a full week at work then spend the weekend trying to produce something for my blog and once Monday came around, I felt like I hadn’t really had time to relax at all.

Blogging is no doubt an enjoyment but it can also be hard work too, especially now things are competitive than ever and you feel like you need to really push yourself to create amazing content that everyone will love. So last week, I decided to take the week off my blog. I was still knocking around on social media but instead, I spent the weekend with Matt, which is something we don’t always get the chance to do on the account of how his shift patterns fall. And it felt great. I don’t ever want to force content out as let’s be honest, its just going to be a bit crap. The end of the matter is that if you find yourself flagging or y’know, you just aren’t feeling your blog that week, take some time out.

Be realistic

It’s important to not compare yourselves to bloggers that do this for their job. Of course they are going to be able to upload more content then you are, it’s how they are choosing to make their livelihood! Look at your life as a whole and break it down to work out how much time you can realistically spend on your blog. Don’t just account for your job but those times where things just crop up. You don’t want a rigid schedule at the end of the day as who wants to miss out on last-minute movie nights with your friends or that gym class you finally decided to try? You might like to post three times a week but realistically that might not be feasible without going a bit crazy!


I hope my tips have been of use! I’m pretty confident that you could be a student or just even a busy mama and they could still be applicable. With all this said, I will point out that none of this is supposed to be a way to create a military environment to force you to blog. At the end of the day, if for reason you truly don’t want to blog, don’t do it! Blogging is ultimately still supposed to be fun, even if you do have to look closely at how to fit it into your life.