Getting organised with Ella Iconic + GIVEAWAY

2017 is practically over, let’s be honest. It’s been a good one but as the year winds down, I’ve started thinking about 2018. I might not necessarily do New Year’s resolutions but I’m definitely one of these people who uses the new year as an excuse to put my life into perspective and work out what I want to focus on. A gal can always use a bit of help though and that’s where Ella Iconic’s 2018 Daily CEO of My Own Life planner comes in. Keep reading for a lovely little giveaway too!

First things first, can we stop to admire this beauty? I’m happy to admit that I like pretty things and this planner is seriously gorgeous. It’s made from leatherette and available in three different colours (tan, navy and black) with rose gold foiling which I know all you bloggers will appreciate. It’s pretty hefty with 450 pages so not one that you would necessarily keep in your handbag but you will certainly get a lot of use out of it.

The planner is split into four core areas: business, home, health and you. So all the important bits! While it is structured to help you focus your mind, it’s still flexible enough to let you plan things your way with plenty of blank pages. Being a 2o18 planner, it is dated but I personally prefer this. They’ve also introduced a 5am-11pm schedule which wasn’t in the previous planners and something I find will really help me keep on track with meetings and appointments. I love that each day begins by asking you for your mantra that day and ends with a box to fill out in response to ‘today I am thankful for.’ Small things like this can really help you keep a positive frame of mind and taking the time to fill out these exercises can make such a difference.

A really fantastic aspect of the Ella Iconic planner is at the very beginning where you begin by writing or drawing out your future how you want it. In ‘my big master plan’, you then go on to write down your goals for the year and the steps you need to take to achieve them. You can then break these goals from your master plan down even further in ‘year at a glance’ by planning manageable monthly goals to help achieve your master plan. I think this is such a fantastic way of making something that might seem really big and scary seem achievable and within your grasp.

There are so many helpful little parts of the planner that will make such a difference to organising your life, from the motivation quotes to the finance sections to help you keep track of your spending. I’m really impressed with how much the planner has to offer and it really stands out from similar products in the market. I even love the ‘CEO of my own life’ concept with reminds you that ultimately, you are in control of your future. You’re the boss.

You can check out Ella Iconic planners here.

And now for the exciting part! Ella Iconic have kindly sent me an extra planner in tan to give away to one of you! It’s very easy to enter although unfortunately only open to residents of the UK – sorry! Giveaway closes at midnight on the 3rd of December. Good luck!

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Emily x

  • Susan Tran

    I LOVE a beautiful planner! But I especially appreciate that this one has the four different sections, especially the health one. That’s genius! I honestly can’t believe that 2017 is almost over, but SO excited for the coming year too!
    Happy holidays!

    Susie |

  • This planner is beautiful! It would be perfect to help me stay organised.

    Sammy //

  • Daiana Abagnale

    I LOVE so much this planner!! Need one in my life! And with so many interesting section 🙂 cool!

  • Ah, this planner is soooo lovey. Great post xxx

  • I love the planner, the color is beautiful!

  • aw, that’s SUCH a cute planner! i love the little sparkles on the cover! i’m more of a bullet journal gal myself, but sometimes i find myself missing the pre-done pages instead of doing everything yourself haha.

    becky @ star violet

    • Emily

      I love the idea of a bullet journal but man, I could NOT keep everything neat for every page!

      • haha, mine from this year isn’t neat at all! it’s full of scribbles and atrocious handwriting. i’m trying to be more creative with mine for the upcoming year, though!

  • Petra Kovarik

    I try to write my notes to the small notebook or smartfone but many times I forgot 🙁

  • Marisa Cavaleiro

    Great planner so we dont miss anything…
    Xoxo from Portugal

  • Adore this planner, one in blue in particular. It is minimalistic, yet so good. Thanks for sharing dear! xx

  • Alexandra Hubbell

    I love planners… like love them. Probably because I stay too busy for my own good 🙂 And I love anything that looks celestial. This is a gorgeous combo of both!

    xx, Alexandra

  • Sounds like a great product! Unfortunately I have swore off planners haha. What happens is I always buy them because they look so cute and I have high hopes to use them, and then they just sit there. I must have bought like 50 in my lifetime that I’ve never used for more than a month! Haha.


  • This sounds amazing, and pretty effective! I love the design, its so chic and classy, I’ll be entering for sure. Thanks for hosting xx

    • Emily

      Eek good luck lovely!

  • I love blog planners. They make blogging easy
    The Glossychic

  • Wow, I love the sound of this planner. I currently have two that I use, and it goes through 2018. I don’t typically do new year’s resolutions, I just set practical goals. Amazing giveaway, dear. Thanks! Madison

  • Seems like a great planner! good luck with your giveaway 🙂

    Gemma x

  • I’m totally with you there – rather than New Year’s Resolutions, instead assess how the year’s been and see what can be improved on in the new year ahead! This planner literally looks perfect, like… I want to hold it, y’know? haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Jenny Kearney

    I keep lists everywhere – I would much rather have somewhere to keep them all safe together though!

  • What a beautiful planner! Its so spacious too. Thanks for sharing doll!

    S | Je M’appelle Chanel

  • Marije van der Wal (thegfguide

    That’s a beautiful looking planner! It sounds like it’s very practical too!

    Marije |

  • Missy May

    That is a nice planner and perfect! 2018 is all about being a better person and improving.

  • What a great giveaway! I love planners like these and for the last 3 years I’ve been loyal to my Passion Planner. This one looks really similar so it’s nice to see how other brands keep things organized with lots of goal oriented sections as well <3


  • This sounds like a fab planner to keep you organised and I love that it has different sections to focus on various areas of your life. I’ve entered, fingers crossed!
    Jaz xoxo

    • Emily

      It’s so lovely, good luck Jaz! x

  • Great giveaway. I like to make lists to keep organised 🙂
    Clementine x

  • Hello lovely!!
    I love a good planner although a good list & my diary help to keep me organised!! Haha!! 😂😂
    This planner is gorgeous i would be so lucky to win it!! Xoxo
    Thanks again.
    Sarah xx