17 signs you know you’re getting old

I really love reading list posts so this week I decided to have a crack at one of my own. I’m 24, so I’m well aware that I’m not considered ‘old’ but the other day while chatting with a group of friends in WhatsApp, we realised how much of the stuff we do doesn’t actually reflect our supposedly ‘young and carefree age’ and that we were all basically a bunch of Nanas. Which is great cause y’know, Nanas are awesome. And so came about this weeks post. Enjoy and please be sure to add your own in the comments!

  1. You get excited about going out out but by the time you’re actually there, you’re actually kinda wishing you were back home with your dog and a sharing bag of Maltesers.
  2. You make the effort to work out when the best time to go to the cinema and other places is so that it won’t be full of other people. *shudders*
  3. You now bloody love your sleep and relish the chance to be in bed by ten.
  4. Yes, you did enjoy summer thank you very much but you secretly like autumn even more because blankets and hot chocolate and warmth.
  5. You look at teenagers “today” and can’t help but your shake your head and judge their clothing, thinking: it wasn’t like that in my day!
  6. You find yourself tutting when the Christmas bits start popping up in shops. “IT’S SEPTEMBER!”
  7. You have absolutely no shame in searching out the good stuff in the reduced sale at the end of day in the supermarket. 19p bread? BE MINE. 32p cookies? SCORE.
  8. You find your tolerance of people is zero. WHY ARE YOU SO ANNOYING? STOP IT.
  9. You bloody love settling down for a good hour of Grand Designs or Location Location. Why can’t you have all that money?
  10. You get really excited for homeware shopping. And you don’t really know why but you actually really like shopping for houseplants. They make you feel sophisticated – especially when they don’t die.
  11. Your nights out with the girls have now been swapped to nights in and that’s fine cause yknow, you can actually hear each other talk.
  12. You shed your clothes as soon as you get home like some sort of snake and crawl straight into pjs or comfy clothing.
  13. You’re much more conscious about your health and fitness. No longer can you binge on carbs and stay stick thin. *Sobs.*
  14. Your first thought when you see it’s a sunny day is: “Ooh perfect weather to hang out some washing!”
  15. Even though catch up TV exists, you find yourself planning your social life around your TV schedule: “Sorry, I can’t do pilates at 8, it’s Great British Bake Off!”
  16. Falling asleep on the sofa and afternoon naps are a thing and you don’t know how you ever lived without them.
  17. You genuinely have to think when someone asks you how you old you are.

Emily x

  • Sinéad Danielle ✿

    Oh I can totally relate to numbers 1 and 10! And i love my little houseplants! Also number 13 is truly a bitch 🙁

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  • Diana Maria

    Home shopping is so much fun, I never thought I’d say that! I’m the same way with trying to avoid crowds, and really not enjoying going out like I used to. It’s so much better staying at home with loved ones and relaxing- if that makes me old so be it haha xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  • This is so relatable haha! I tend to plan everything around times when it won’t be as busy, as I haaaaate crowds! I’m starting to love staying in now with my dog, can’t beat it!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Susan Tran

    HAHA! Oh my goodness this just made my morning. One of my big ones is how injury prone my body is! Like, since WHEN do I get knee pain while running?! And don’t even get me started on home goods shopping. But getting to bed before 10?? Best thing EVER. This list is so one point girl!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

    • Emily

      Oh my god, yes! I’ve literally just pulled a strain in my knee and I’ve turned into SUCH an old lady! So glad you love it Susan!

  • omg @ at the teenager style today. like what the heck they dress better than I do today!!! I just bought a couple of succulents online and repotted a bunch of my plants that were outgrowing their pots today. AND I took a couple of mint cuttings from my bff’s mint plant to try to grow it again (after failing 2 times lol)

    overall, too relatable

    becky @ star violet

    • Emily

      You are living the life Becky! :’) x

  • April Rose Pengilly

    Sooo true – I agree with all of these! I often refer to “Millennials” (not in a bad way, just when discussing certain social trends), even though I am a Millennial myself!
    April xx


  • Great post! Have a lovely week. Gemma x

  • Haha some of these are pretty funny. I’ve always been a winter girl though! Even as a teenager and college student. Eff summer!! ;p

    Homeware shopping is also now literally my favorite. I’ll shop for my home before I shop for myself!

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

  • This list is funny and although im in my early 30s even in my mid 20s I was kind of the same for some of these especially when I worked more than 12 hours a day lol. The one about teenagers is very true but I’m nodding because teens are wearing the 90s styles I use to all wrong lol 😛

    Stacey, thebambieyes.com

  • This list really made me laugh as I’d like to think I’m young at heart but found myself saying ‘yep’ at nearly all of these points! I’m still living for the Summer and love seeing the 90s styling coming back in as it makes me reminiscent of my teens but other than that I’m with you on the oldie front!
    Jaz xoxo

  • Haha, I can relate to so many of these! Definitely loving curling up in my pyjamas like 0.243 seconds when getting home from anywhere haha, oh and YES to having an unhealthy obsession for all things homeware-related! Although, I have to admit, you won’t catch me tutting at Christmas things, I have a feeling I’ll be eternally obsessed with the season…. I’m already watching Christmas films, haha 😉 This was such a fun list to read through Emily!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Missy May

    Hahahahaaa….I guess I’m getting old then because I can relate to most of these pointers Emily. What to do what to do!!??? Ha!


    • Emily

      Don’t worry Missy, it seems that I am too! I say embrace it for sure!

  • I really enjoyed this post it made me smile especially point number two, I totally go for a later sitting and once my hubby and I had the entire cinema to ourselves pretty much! Amazing.

    I still have the carbs, I just workout 😉 Balance is everything!

    Great post Emily!

    Laura xo

  • Omg, I can relate so much. I just bought some tupperware earlier this day and I am so happy + they’re 50% off! Man, I feel old.

    xx, Richel V.

    • Emily

      Embrace is Richel! ;-D xx

  • Guilty! Couldn’t relate more with numbers 8 & 17 hahaha I feel old.


  • This is so hilarious! I can relate to a few things on your list for sure. Going to movies and grocery store on school days (if possible – no kids, no screaming lol). My plants die for some reason (*innocent eyes*) but something about owning one makes you feel in control and responsible. Sadly have to agree about carbs – my body has changed quite a bit since I was 20. Hello hips, curves and workouts haha

  • Hilarious! I find some of this really funny because its true. I also find it nice to have my laundries if its sunny instead of going out. What a great list.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • Haha I love this, I can relate x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  • I smiled at so much of this list and then laughed out loud at number 14. We have the sun back again after a pretty rainy week which is nice, and my first thought was to do the washing! I’ve done 3 loads already this morning with another in the machine as I type, haha! Taking advantage of swim lessons this morning to get caught up on laundry!

    I realised I was old when I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and decided to leave my parents place and head to bed – as my sister was just getting ready to start her night out! Don’t know where she finds her energy, haha!

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Emily

      Oh god yes, I would start a night out around 11pm and nowadays I’m in bed by that time!

  • Ha – I feel pretty much all of these things constantly! xx


  • Can relate to all of them. I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the times when there are LESS people on the tube,in the shops, in the cinema, in the restaurants and stick to those OFF peak times. Short city breaks to villages and small towns are pure BLISS now. xx