Skincare shake up

16th September 2017

It’s likely that now the weather is starting to get colder, your wardrobe choices have started to include big jumpers, scarfs and boots. But what about your skincare? There are a lot of different factors such as indoor heating and lower air humidity that can make a difference to our skin, making it dull, sensitive and dehydrated, so it’s worth thinking about what you can do to help yourself.


You and I both know it, cleansing is forever going to be the number one most important step in your skincare routine.  It removes all the impurities from your skin and preps it ready for the likes of moisturisers and toners. Remember that cold temperatures are going to dry out your skin so you may need a different cleanser to what you would use in the Summer. Now here’s the sciency bit: pH (potential of hydrogen) is a scale that measures acidity and alkalinity from 0 to 14. Bearing in mind 7 is where water falls, your skin’s pH is roughly 5, so slightly acidic. Foamy cleansers tend to have an alkaline ph and so strip away the barrier that actually stops your skin from drying out. So go for non-lathering cleansers which have a neutral pH and which won’t disturb the acidic pH of your skin leaving is dry and rough.


I’d be lying if I said I exfoliate as much as I really should, but considering the amount of dead skin that sits on top, it’s no wonder your face looks a lot duller if you don’t exfoliate. Which in my opinion, is enough to make me want to reach for the scrubbing brush immediately!  You can exfoliate without scrubbing your skin raw though and instead opt for a cleanser or tonic with glycolic acid. This teeny tiny molecule penetrates skin cells really easily and naturally removes dead skin cells ready for new ones to grow in its place. It’s great for cleansing and exfoliating without stripping your skin. The much talked about Pixi Glow Tonic  is a mild, refreshing choice to sweep over your face after cleansing and helps to reveal that shiny new skin you’ve been hiding!

Lip Balm

While they tend to be fine during the Summer, my lips really feel the cold and end up dry and chapped. It doesn’t help that our lips have no oil glands of their own anyway. If you too suffer, investing in a good solid lip balm is most definitely worth it – and your lipstick will look all the better for it too and it can take mere minutes to get your soft lips back. I will forever reach for the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as for me, nothing does the job quite like it, plus it’s got SPF20 protection too which is always fantastic. It’s also worth noting to avoid licking your lips as the enzymes in saliva can cause irritation and cracking.


Creamy moisturisers definitely tend to be favoured but during colder months but why not swap for a facial oil instead. They are the quickest way to inject moisture into your face – needed when you’ve been outside – and they’re often stuffed full of natural ingredients such as argan oil and rosehip. I’m currently loving Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate which requires only a few drops before I go to bed. I’ll be honest that oils aren’t my favourite texture wise and while they don’t sink in as quickly as I’d like, even I can’t argue with the benefits they bring, leaving my skin radiant and silky soft. It works for all skin types too, even if you have naturally oily skin, facial oils help rebalance your skin.


You’re not alone if a steaming hot shower or bath is the first thing you make a beeline for after coming in after a long day but the intense heat isn’t so great for your skin. It’s actually very dehydrating and strips away moisture and the natural oils from the surface of your skin. Keep your water lukewarm or if needs must, keep showers and baths to 5-10 minutes, tops!

Have you got any skincare tips now we’re all grabbing the jumpers? Or will you be making any changes to your skincare? Let me know in the comments!