14th May 2017


So. Hands up who loves food? I see you there at back, pretending you don’t spend at least 70% of your day thinking about food. Who even are you? So anyway…I love food. And I can’t deny I get a little thrill seeing new food and drink in the shops. So just for you lovely lot, I thought this week I’d give you a little preview into the up and coming releases you’ve got to look forward to this Summer. It was a hard job but someone had to do it…

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We all have our favourite condiment of choice, whether that’s mayonnaise or ketchup but chances are, you will have heard of the brand Heinz. They’ve recently released a range of four creamy new sauces to liven up your favourite meals. You’ve got: Pepper, Chive, Tomato & Garlic and Bernaise. For each one, a food has been suggested to help you really make the most of your dish, e.g. try pairing the Tomato & Garlic Sauce with chicken. I love that each of the sauces are totally different and suits lots of different meals so you can get a lot of use out of the generous tubs.




RRP £1.20

I’ve spoken about Divine chocolate before in my Easter Gift Guide. In short, they are a pretty bloody awesome company which is actually co-owned by cocoa farmers themselves meaning they get a fair share of the profits from the product they create. Adding to their grab-and-go range of bitesize chocolate bars, Divine have introduced a new Cappuccino bar. Designed to look just like the coffee so many of us love, you’ve got a smooth milk chocolate base topped with a thick layer of creamy white chocolate. The chocolate is served with a generous helping of real coffee pieces, making for a delicious treat that you can pop in you lunch bag or enjoy with a cuppa.



RRP £1.29

I’ve got a lot of fond memories of Robinsons as there was always a bottle of squash from them in my house when I was growing up in an attempt from my mother to get us to drink more fluid. Even now, I’m partial to a glass of orange and pineapple! Joining their huge range of drinks is Robinsons Refresh’d, a mix of spring water and real fruit in three flavours: Raspberry & Apple, Orange & Lime and Apple & Kiwi. With 100% natural ingredients, there is no added sugar or any nasties so it’s a brilliant choice for all the family. My favourite has to be Orange & Lime as it’s such a fresh, juicy taste which will be ideal for summer.


RRP £2.00
So this, hands up, is a bit of a cheat on my part as this yoghurt is not a new launch, rather a new find for me. Rachel’s is an organic brand which includes dessert, dairy and of course, yoghurt. I’d never tried anything until recently when I grabbed a big tub of the Greek Style Honey yoghurt at Matt’s request as he was attempting overnight oats. I tend to stick to my favourite toffee muller lights, but one morning decided on a bowl of granola with a big dollop of Rachel’s yoghurt. Morning made! It was so thick and creamy, complimenting the granola perfectly and soon became a favourite breakfast of mine. There are lots of flavours to enjoy so I’d definitely recommend checking out your local supermarket and giving it a go.


RRP £1.85 for 5 x 23g packs

I am what is known is a serial snacker. Or a picker, if you will. I like to graze to my hearts content but it’s something I’m trying to cut down on, or at least, replace the bad snacks with better choices. Enter Nairn’s, with their tasty range of gluten-free snacks which are ideal for throwing in your bag. The child in me thoroughly enjoys eating food in fun shapes so I loved the space-themed wholegrain oat biscuits, even more so considering they had chocolate chips! The biscuits are high in fibre plus none of those nasty flavours or preservatives. With 50% less sugar, they’re a good choice for kids lunchboxes – and yours too! You get a decent amount in each bag so you don’t feel cheated with half empty packets – I was truly satisfied after one packet and didn’t feel the need for more which can often the case with snacks. They are also available in Berry and Cheese flavours.




RRP £1.80

I don’t drink very much alcohol as I simply don’t like the taste but my beverage of choice if I’m fancying something alcoholic will always be Kopparberg. It sounds strange, but I don’t like my alcohol to taste like alcohol if that makes sense. Which is why I actually do quite like Kopparberg as it’s a fruity cider which is the perfect refreshing accompaniment for a beer garden on a hot summer’s day. So I was pleased to be introduced to their range of low-calorie drinks and the new Raspberry flavour with each can containing only 85 calories! None of us can deny that alcohol certainly isn’t exactly healthy for you but a lower calorie option will certainly make you feel a lot less guilty and can be enjoyed on various diet plans too.



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