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22nd April 2017

I haven’t massively spoken about my weight loss on my blog as it’s one of those things that I’m unsure people would really be bothered about? It’s something I am toying with though so watch this space! Anyway, my whole attitude towards food has changed since I started following Slimming World with our daily meals being a huge part of that. We still love curries and pasta, roasts and burgers but I’ve just had to look into finding a way to make these healthier for us. And that’s where Spicentice comes in.

Spicentice offer super handy kits which help you bring flavours from all around the world into your kitchen for fuss-free cooking. There are more than 25 options to choose from, ranging from spice kits for curries, ribs, satay to rubs for gourmet burgers, chipotle and more. There really is something for everyone. Oh and did I mention, since they contain 100% herbs and spices, it’s diet-friendly too! Winning. Simply place your order online and they’ll deliver it to you for cooking. Just gather up any fresh ingredients needed and you’re on your way!
When Spicentice asked if I’d liked to pick out a few products to try, I jumped at the chance. If you’ve been with M&M for a long time, you’ll know that while I quite oftern do a lot of baking on my blog, I don’t actually do any cooking so it was a great chance to try something new out. I was also impressed with the price, you can get a Chicken Jalfrezi spice kit for only £2.09 and it will feed four of you. Delivery was really quick although depending how much you order, it won’t be able to fit through your letterbox. I really like the packaging of the products – they are bright, cheerful and have clearly really been thought about.
There are handy shopping lists included with each product so you know exactly what you need to gather together for the rest of the meal plus instructions on how to pull together a culinary delight.

I thought I’d show you the results of when we used two of the Spicentice packages. I was most excited about giving the Korma Spice Kit a go. I’m terrible when it comes to spice (can’t even handle Nandos) but I bloody love a Korma with it’s creamy, gentle taste but I’ve – shamefully – never actually made my own. This was so incredibly easy though and I loved throwing things into the pan and watching the sauce thicken and bubble. Oh and the smell? Amazing. Served on a bed of rice, we tucked in eagerly and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. This is definitely one we will be picking up again and would the many curry options offered by Spicentice means you could throw a fantastic curry night for friends and family. Now there’s an idea eh?

I love a good burger but sadly, a Big Mac is unsurprisingly, pretty horrendous for you and certainly not something you can lose weight on! Since trying to eat a much leaner mince, Matt and I have been attempting to perfect a good burger with great difficulty. Despite the many recipes we’ve tried, our burgers always ended up bland and stodgy, so I was very interested to see how the Burger Rub & Seasoning compared to our previous attempts. One thing is for sure, they certainly weren’t boring! Lean mince can be quite difficult to eat generally but the Burger Rub packed the four burgers full of flavour and herbs and spices. If anything they were a bit too much for me personally but then I am extraordinarily boring tame when it comes to spice and herbs, Matt who is a big fan absolutely loved them. It really did make such a difference to the meat in terms of transforming the taste into so much more.

Having trialed Spicentice for a few weeks now, I can hand on heart confirm that it’s well worth picking up a few bits, you’ll easily get enough to get over £10 for free delivery which is really reasonable. Plus if you use my discount code, you can get 20% off! Simply enter MM20 at the checkout and enjoy some speedy, nutritious meal times. I’m looking forward to sampling more from Spicentice and I’m sure you will too!

*Post contains product samples sent for review purposes. Read more on my disclaimer here.


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