9th April 2017

If you saw my Easter gift guide a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know that I love chocolate. Despite actually currently following Slimming World, chocolate is something that I always make sure I’m able to fit into my diet. So when Queensgate got in touch to invite me to an Easter tasting event, it was probably the fastest that I’d ever replied to an email. So one Thursday evening, I joined fellow Qbloggers Sabina and Laura for the serious business of chocolate tasting!
We were welcomed by our QBlogger team to a table bursting with mouth-watering chocolate which we all stood and swooned at for a bit, I mean, Easter packaging really is epic! After we had the chance to photograph everything at our leisure, it was time to dig in! It’s safe to say all thoughts of Slimming World left my head as we all rolled up our sleeves to crack large eggs and fill our stomachs with creamy goodness. A lot of the products from my Easter gift guide were from independent sellers but this time, all the yumminess you see below were kindly gifted to us from John Lewis, M&S and Thorntons, all of which are easily accessible for most of us here in the UK at least!
John Lewis

Don’t ask me why, but I always usually skip eggs like the ones in the Foil Wrapped Eggs in Carry Case, simply because I’m expecting them to just be thin, mediocre hollow chocolate eggs and that’s no fun now is it? That said, I was encouraged to try one and was delighted to find it filled with the most divine hazelnut praline. I’ll actually go as far to say they were my favourite of everything I tried that night – and that’s saying something! If ever the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ works, it’s here! This is a really lovely little set for an Easter Egg hunt. Next up, we have the Butlers Easer Egg Collection, five different flavour eggs in white chocolate and mixed berry, dark chocolate, almond and orange, 70% dark chocolate, honeycomb and butterscotch. I really liked the idea of the different flavours which were a mixture of classic and more unique combinations. I reckon this would be great to buy for a family as there is bound to be something everyone likes there. Now the Holdsworth Spring Meadow Milk Chocolate Easter Egg is a really lovely concept that I reckon my Nan would love. The milk chocolate egg comes gift wrapped in a terracotta pot with a pack of wildflower English meadow seeds. How great is that? So once you’ve demolished the chocolate egg, you can sit back and wait for your beautiful wildflowers to grow!



Spiketail The Dinosaur sits protectively on a nest of speckled chocolate dinosaur eggs. The amount of detail is brilliant, making this a really fun gift that kids will love chomping into. I immediately thought of designer friends when I saw the Dark Chocolate Quirky Bunny as the geometric design is something I know they’d love. Dusted with gold, it’s certainly a sight to behold although worth bearing in mind that the dark chocolate is very bitter. Admittedly, we all giggled a bit about the Laid Back Lamb and his rather promiscuous position…but he’s just relaxing ok!? It was easy to break poor Shaun (as I so named him) apart with his legs breaking off without much effort so you can almost convince yourself that you’ll only have a little bit at a time… The Which Came First? egg plays on the whole ‘chicken and egg’ riddle which is a really nice touch. Before you even get into all that though, you’re beautifully presented with a half Ecuadorian milk and half Dominican Republic dark egg tied together with a gold ribbon. The halves are a little thinner than I would like ordinarily but there is no denying the chocolate is great quality. The two halves split neatly to reveal a very cute little golden chicken inside.




Being a chocolate shop, Thorntons naturally go all out when it comes to Easter and there is lots to choose from, even if you aren’t a fan of the classic Easter egg. They’ve recently launched two new chocolate boxes, Sweet Shop and Fruit Mousse Collection. The Sweet Shop box is full of unique flavours created to remind you of an old fashioned sweet shop with chocolates such as Fizzy Lemon and Rhubarb & Custard white the Fruit Mousse box is full of truffles filled with…you got it! Fruity mousse! Personally, I’m not a massive fan of fruit combined with chocolate but for that person in your life who likes things a bit different, bung a box their way and they’ll love you. Last but by no means least, the Lemon Meringue Pie White Chocolate Egg was certainly impressive to look at, with a crunchy centre of meringue and lemon pieces. Inspired by the popular dessert, the white chocolate egg comes accompanied by six dessert-inspired truffles, you know your Mum is going to be eyeing up this one!






I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at some of the Easter offerings from a few of Britain’s biggest retailers – I certainly did! I’d love to know what you’re hoping for from the Easter bunny – let me know in the comments!