26th March 2017


It genuinely feels like it wasn’t so long ago that it was Christmas so I can’t quite believe that I’m sitting here writing about Easter! That said, there’s plenty to love about Easter so I’m more than happy to be indulging and bringing you my first very Easter gift guide! I like to think I’ve covered most bases here so let’s get into it shall we?

I really, really love the ethos behind Divine Chocolate. I’ve spoken previously about Fairtrade purchasing before and this is something Divine Chocolate believe very strongly about with 44% of the company actually being owned by cocoa farmers, giving them a louder voice in the cocoa industry. That’s why I’m so on board with this Raspberry Chocolate Egg which is made with 70% dark, great quality chocolate with the added bonus of raspberry for a fruity twist.

Sticking with the theme of great quality chocolate, enter Booja-Booja who are a new acquaintance I am very happy to make! Made with simple and organic ingredients, Booja-Booja have taken the humble Easter egg and gone that bit further. I present to you, the ornate Easter egg! Now hang on in there with me on this one. We all know the depressing feeling when you’ve demolished that Easter egg and you’re left with nothing but a crumpled wrapper and the burning feeling of shame. Booja-Booja helps you out by removing this guilt with a simply stunning, hand-painted egg that you can keep afterwards! Even better, it’s filled with truffles so you aren’t going to miss out any of that chocolatey goodness either! There are two sizes to choose from, whether that’s large or small and a combination of truffles to go for too. But seriously, the ornate egg is so beautifully painted and handy too! Booja-Booja are running a competition where they’re challenging you to ‘think outside the egg’ and show them how you use your egg to win some great prizes. Find out more here.


For a bit of a unique gift, why not take things back to basics with this Indigo Easter Raw Chocolate Kit? Everything comes packaged in a box for the recipient to make their very own raw chocolates which you don’t actually have to pretend are nutritious – they actually are! It’s a lot of fun putting in the effort to create something tasty, whether they are for you or not. And to be quite honest, they’re not even that much effort. You’ll get everything you need including: Cacao powder, Cacao butter, Raw Agave Nectar, Pure Raw Vanilla Powder and the cutest chocolate mould with ducks and bunnies.


The number of people I know who have gluten or dairy intolerance seems to be growing all the time so I couldn’t leave them out could I now? These Plamil Organic mini half eggs are a sweet treat for those that often feel like they have to miss out. Admittedly, I was surprised by how small the product was but oh my do the eggs make up for that – utterly delicious.

Now, you might have one of those people in your life who -shudders- aren’t a fan of chocolate. Now that’s fine (it really isn’t) but what on earth do you get them instead? Well if they’re really adamant (ugh), then why not this freaking adorable Bunny Scissors and Desk Organiser? At home on any worthy desk, this cute companion clings to a magnetic carrot to keep those persky paperclips you can never find, safe. Better yet, pull out his ears for a handy pair of scissors too. Admittedly, it’s a novelty gift but a sweet one at that.

Sticking with the theme of those strange individuals who don’t like chocolate, they still might like a bit of something sweet and what better then Haribo to help a sister out? Spring Time Friends have been relaunched after being big favourites last Spring and it’s no wonder as they’re everything we all love about Haribo with easter-shaped jellies. They’re no doubt you’ll find yourself snaffling the entire packet in one. The Easter Hunt mini mix is full of little packets of Haribos which I plan on bringing along to our Easter Egg hunt for my nieces. The small portions are great if you’re like me and trying to be a little healthier with how much bad stuff you inhale eat. Portion control people, portion control! To round off the Haribo love fest, we’ve also got Chick ‘n’ Mix, which is full of goodness such as bunny and lamb-shaped jellies, tangy chicks, Starmix eggs and squishy marshmallows! It’s all housed in a cute chick shaped gift box which you’ll actually find quite hard to rip open.


Ok. I’m not ashamed to admit I saved the best till last. My final Easter item is as chocolatey as you can get quite frankly and I bloody love it! Ladies and gentlemen, meet the incredible Chocolate-Filled Eggs with Chocolate Toast Soldiers. Yep. Believe your eyes because it’s true! You get six wonderful lidded eggs accompanied by slices of solid chocolate ‘toast’ to dip into the gloriously gooey chocolate centre. You have to hack away a bit to get the yolk away but then there below lies the liquid chocolate for you to delve into. And this is good quality chocolate too, excellent in fact. I adore that they come in packaged in an actual egg carton too and there’s plenty to last you a while share with others. I’ve adored Choc on Choc from afar for a while now so I was delighted to finally sample their delights. These guys are masters when it comes to crafting chocolate. Visit their website, seriously you’ll get lost and won’t return for quite a while.


I hope you haven’t minded me rambling on about sweet treats for this weeks blog post. Truth to be told, I rather enjoyed myself! Do let me know what your favourite from the post was and what the easter bunny will be bringing you this Spring! I solemnly swear however that I will not be eating all of this. Promise…

*Post contains product samples sent for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


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