Beauty on Trial #4

19th February 2017

It amazes me that we’re on number four of Beauty on Trial! I’m certainly not complaining though as I’ve really enjoyed testing products in-depth for you! For those of you aren’t aware, all products in this month have been used for over a month (if not longer) and photos are taken before this time because quite frankly, that’s when they look prettiest! Now this month there are a few new brands so, let’s get started shall we?

Milani Powder Blush and Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Must Have Naturals
Milani is a brand I’ve never actually used before although I’ve always admired how beautiful their packaging is. Last month, I was given the chance to try a couple of their products and the blush alone made me swoon. The Rose Powder Blush (£12.00) takes the shape of a rose which I absolutely love. It comes in a great big pan to swirl your brush in although you really don’t very much to give you a flush of cover. It has wonderful staying powder and blends beautifully across your skin.
Also from Milani was the Everyday Eyes palette (£13.00) which comes with six pigmented shades. I do enjoy the packaging and it’s a great size for travel and throwing in your bag however a mirror would really make all the difference. You do however get a dual-ended brush which as far as compacts go, is actually really good at doing the job. There are several different options for the eyeshadow palettes, my one was Must Have Naturals and included three shimmers and three mattes. Each shadow has a different purpose – so you’ve got Base, Contour, Colour, Depth, Brighten and Define. While it’s really nice to have all six, I did find I tended to just use the Base, Colour and Depth shades. That said, as I’ve said before, I’m a complete novice so someone more talented that myself (really not hard!) might make use of all the shades.

Tangle Angel Detangling Brush

Having the thick hair that I have, it’s not common for me to be met with tangles and knots but morning and night. Team that with the fact I’m an utter wimp and well, you can imagine the trauma can’t you? Come in the Tangle Angel brush (£12.95)! Detangling brushes won’t be a new concept to you but how pretty is Tangle Angle? If you’re a Kim K fan, you might recognise it from her shoot from Wonderland magazine. It’s a really clever brush though with anti-static properties to prevent those pesky fly away hairs. While the shape isn’t exactly handbag friendly, it’s really nice to have a handle to grip as you brush. It can be used with a hair dryer and won’t crumble under heat aswell as in the shower if that’s what takes your fancy. Plus you’ve got the main selling point – no pain! As I said, I’m a moaner when it comes to trying to get rid of tangles and Tangle Angel glides effortlessly through your hair without pulling or hurting. Winning!

Timeless Truth Glacial Snow Algae & HA Biocellulose mask

It was while in Iceland in November that I learnt about Algae and the benefits to your skin which was why I was so keen to try out the Snow Algae mask from Timeless Truth (£7.90). One night, my skin was utterly horrendous, completely dry and desperately in need of some nourishment. Now I prefer sheet masks generally over cream or gel face masks simply because I’m lazy, so I was looking forward to trying the Snow Algae mask, especially since it was awarded Best New Face Mask at the 2016 Beauty Awards.

While sheet masks can often be really long and droopy, with the contour cuts, this one fit really nicely and more to the point, it actually stuck to your skin and held in place rather than flopping around. The mask is said to actively promote the production of collagen (the substance that holds the whole body together) as well as giving your skin a huge amount of hydration which was exactly what I was after. I left the mask on for 20 minutes – using the time to sit back and watch a bit of youtube – and before I knew it, it was time to peel off the mask. This was easily done with little to no effort and I simply massaged the remainder of the serum into my skin. Already my face was gloriously soft and refreshed, quite frankly I was glowing. While I didn’t find my skin to be any softer the next morning which was slightly disappointing, I’m definitely interested to find out the results of using the mask long term although the price is slightly off putting.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette
This beautiful palette needs no introduction I’m sure of it. I’ll forever be in love with my Natural Eyes palette and I rather enjoyed the Chocolate Bar palette so Too Faced products are always a fairly good all-rounder for me. While the packaging is adorable and hard-wearing, I hate to admit it but… I didn’t like the smell. It might have something to do with the fact I don’t like peaches but I immediately wrinkled my nose and edged away a bit, wondering just how I was going to survive being in such close contact with a scent I didn’t like. I tried to ignore the smell as best as I could and ploughed on with my investigations.
You get eighteen shades, all very fresh colours so we’re talking corals, bronzes and pinks as well as few darker ones like Delectable, a deep purple and Talk Derby to me, a midnight blue. As with all TF products, I simply can’t fault the quality of the individual colours. They are highly pigmented and vibrant, applying easily across your eyelid and stay in place too. Nobody wants fall out after all! Obviously with such a variety of colours, there are plenty of looks to try out and as with all TW palettes, you get a Glamour Guide to start you off with three options to give a go. This was especially helpful to me as I’m so used to my tried and tested golden-brown eye looks and quite frankly could use all the help I can get! I did have a couple of mishaps where I grew frustrated with the peachier shades as I couldn’t quickly pull together a combination of colours that pleased me at first. So my advice would really be to spend some time playing with the shades, finding out what suits you personally because we’re all different at the end of the day. Sweet Peach is definitely one for those of you who are die-hard Two Faced fans or even if your just looking to freshen up your make-up ready for Spring. It’s certainly not my favourite palette but it challenges me and I kind of like that.

And so concludes the fourth Beauty on Trial! I hope you are still enjoying these as I love pulling them together. I will apologise for the lack of swatches, I have had a few days of incredibly shoddy lighting. You can find swatches for Sweet Peach here. I’m always on the look out for new beauty products so let me know your favourites in the comments below!

Post contains product samples sent for review purposes. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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