An introduction to Charlotte Tilbury

5th February 2017

To be honest, I’m not really one for high-end beauty. I couldn’t tell you anything about Chanel or Dior because I simply don’t get near them. The high price tags associated with such brands stings me and I’d much rather spend the money towards a holiday quite frankly. That said, there is one exception…

A few weekends back, Matt and I were in Manchester for my birthday and part of our time was spend shopping at the Trafford Centre. We don’t actually have a Selfridges near us and therefore when I get the chance to be around one, I love to have a look around. Knowing I’d have some birthday money to spend, a few weeks beforehand I found myself lurking on the Charlotte Tilbury website. It was one of those brands I couldn’t help but be attracted to: rose gold packaging, the most beautiful array of luscious lipsticks and products like the coveted Magic Cream which has become iconic.
I’ll be honest that when the price of my items did total up, I inwardly winced. Never had I spent so much on so little items before. But still, I reminded myself, it was my birthday and a treat.
For some reason, it was the eyeshadow section I found myself gravitating towards. Problem is, the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow selection comes in various forms. You’ve got the Eyes to Mesmerise range which are six individual shades in a luxe glass jar, then twelve Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencils and finally the quads, comprising of four individual shades.
I had real trouble choosing between the palettes as they are all so beautiful, each pulling together a different look with a personal name: The Dolce Vita, The Glamour Muse etc. Charlotte offers a number of videos on her website which really helped me decide upon The Golden Goddess palette. With four shades, the idea is that they work together to take you from desk-to-disco in a day, evening and night look. I expected each shade to have a name but instead you get a prime, enhance, smoke and pop shade. Still being a bit of a novice, I actually really liked knowing where each colour went and what it should do. The idea is that it’s a fail-safe way to get a sophisticated eye look which is exactly the kind of thing I want from a palette.
The pigmentation of each shadow is flawless and they are so easy to work with. You can tell just by looking at the swatches just how they are made to work together and it really is such a lovely product. Admittedly, at £39, it’s not cheap considering how many shadows you can get for less in a Naked palette in comparison but I find you only use three or four colours in one of those anyway! I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the palettes, with so many there is bound to be one to suit everyone.

Next up on the eyeshadow front was the Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow pencils. Charlotte has done the hard work and coded the pencils depending on your eye colour – the idea being that the right shade will enhance the colour of your eyes. Better yet, there are two for each eye colour (blue, brown, hazel and green), one perfect for a day-time look and another for night. My eyes can’t seem to decide whether they are hazel or brown so I’m fortunate enough to fit both categories. However it just so happened that my colours of choice were Dark Pearl and Amber Haze, both of which were for brown eyes.
As the name suggests, Amber Haze is an antique amber huge with plenty of pink and gold shimmers while Dark Pearl is a taupe-gold beauty that I just couldn’t resist. Just so pretty. I adore these for ease, you literally draw with the chunky nib on your eye lid and you get this instant shock of colour which you then blend out. Pop on a bit of mascara and you’re done! They glide on so wonderfully, so effortlessly that if you struggle with time in the morning, these are going to be your best friend.

I’ve cheated a bit because I actually received these lipsticks Christmas 2015. That said, I’ve never actually spoken about them and I believe they’re always available as a Christmas gift to buy anyway. These three little beauties are part of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Mini Lipstick Set. They’re teeny weeny but still ever so gorgeous. For £29 you get the popular shades Bitch Perfect, Penelope Pink and So Marilyn. The formula is smooth and non-drying, applying really nicely to the lips. I actually find the small size helps when applying to your lips as it’s just the right size to perfect your pout. Penelope Pink is definitely my favourite as an every day shade. I could quite honestly go without Bitch Perfect as it ‘s a bit too nude for me however So Marilyn is a must for an evening, sexy siren vibe. Such a vibrant red, you certainly won’t go unnoticed! If you’re after a range of b-e-autiful shades, I’d definitely reccomend checking out the whole range of lipsticks. I’m certainly lusting after them, I mean have you seen Pillowtalk!?

I hope you’ve enjoy this little introduction to the wonderful world of Charlotte Tilbury make-up. I’m still very new to it myself but very much enjoying getting to know the products! If you’ve got any recommendations, I’d love to know – though my purse, not so much!