The importance of date nights

11th December 2016

In our house, Date Nights are really important to us. Matt works odd hours that can conflict with my own so we’re not together all the time which is why I like to make sure we make time for ourselves as a couple. I’m a firm believer that simply by squaring off some time where you can and giving it a name (aka Date Night) is really important as it makes it a bit more different, a bit more special than your usual routine of curling up in front of the TV, as lovely as that can be.
That said, it can be quite difficult thinking of things to do. Going out for dinner or to the cinema is all very nice but sometimes you just want a bit more. And that’s where Date Night comes in. Date Night is a subscription box service with a difference. Forget six miniature beauty items that you don’t like, need or want and instead each month you get a themed box to help you create a unique and fun date night.

The subscription service means that in a way, every month you are forced to find some time to enjoy the box together. That’s not to say it’s something you don’t want to do, more that it can be easy to forget about the importance of quality time together and the box helps aid this. Now I’m not exaggerating when I say I was so excited to find out what the theme of our box would be. I’d seen the previous boxes on the website and they looked so unique and unlike anything I would have thought of to do myself. The box also provides you with everything you need for your date so you don’t need to rush out and buy anything else. Unless you want to of course!

When the box arrived, Matt was chuffed to finally have his name mentioned too instead of just mine all the time and after reading the card popped in the box we quickly learned that the theme of our box was chocolate! You have no idea how thrilled I was! I’m well known among family and friends of being a big chocoholic so this felt like a match made in heaven! I was intrigued what exactly they could have arranged for us as how much could you exactly do with chocolate other than well, eating it? Well they certainly proved me wrong! I’ve chosen not to talk about all our chocolatey tasks just so I don’t ruin it for anyone who might have or get the box themselves.

Our first game required chopsticks (which came in the box itself) where we had to race each other to pick up white chocolate buttons. I’m admittedly very rubbish with chopsticks so Matt was automatically at an advantage with this one and beat me very easily. It’s safe to say we snuck a few buttons here and there but that was all part of the fun!


Included in the Date Box is a small bottle of champagne which while being a really nice touch, was part of the next task. I’m not a drinker so Matt took the reins. We melted down the white chocolate buttons we had been using and taking a wine glass (we didn’t have champagne glasses, oops), twirled the top half in the melted white chocolate. Matt then poured in the champagne and drank from the chocolatey glass, taking licks of the white chocolate before each sip. I’ll admit, it was a bit of a strange concept to me but the idea is that the flavours and textures together to create an incredible combination which certainly got the thumbs up from Matt!
We’d also been given a list of chocolate-related questions to ask each other as the alcohol was enjoyed. This was a really great way to stimulate conversation on topics you might not naturally talk about. It’s so easy to gossip or moan about work that we welcomed the chance to talk about other subjects. You can see a few of my responses below:
If you were a chocolate bar, which would you be and why?Probably something like a Kinder Bueno, a bit crispy on the outside but lovely and soft on the inside!
If you could only eat one more bar of chocolate, what would it be?
Either a Galaxy Salted Caramel or a Kinder Bueno! Mmm…
Be honest, how much chocolate do you eat in a week?
Definitely have to have a bit every day. Just how much depends a lot of the time on my mood!
What would you like to do together that you haven’t done before?We’d love to do Australia and New Zealand together!
Which day of your relationship would you most like to experience again?Either the day that we met, simply because neither of us had any idea where it would eventually lead us or the day we got our puppy, Luna because there was just so much love!





The task from the box that I found most interesting definitely had to be the Chocolate Taste Test. We each had a tasting mat and scoring cards as well as a box of different colour foiled chocolates. We were to taste all the chocolates, giving them a rating out of five and write down what we thought of the sight, touch, smell and taste. It felt a little odd to stare at a chocolate and smell it before actually popping it in your mouth but we were trying so hard to beat each other and get accurate answers that we didn’t care! A mysterious black envelope held all the answers and the results concluded that I got the most correct!

One thing I would mention with this one though is that some of the chocolates are certainly an acquired taste. I was expecting them to be fairly straight forward, so maybe a caramel, a dark chocolate, perhaps a mint… However we were faced with some very strange flavours, an example being floral which was a surprise to us both and definitely not our favourite. That said, it’s all part of the game and the bizarre flavours made it a whole lot funnier. I’m very glad that photos weren’t taken of our facial expressions during that part!



Matt’s highlight of the evening had to be the hot chocolate stirrers which we felt were perfect to end the night. In a mug of hot milk you simply swirled the stick until the chocolate had melted off and you were left with a gorgeous chocolatey drink.


If you’re not as much of a chocolate lover as I am or don’t have a whole night to spare, the box tasks mean it could easily be split up into chunks so you’ll get loads of little dates out of it. But even if you only do one box, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Quality time with your other half is so important and it’s so worth the effort to try to do something a bit different. We had so much fun testing out Date Night box and loved having a range of tasks to complete and enjoy.
You can find out about pricing and plans for Date Night here.

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