Beauty on Trial #3

20th November 2016

I can’t believe this is my first Beauty on Trial for a while now! I don’t feel like I’ve even written about beauty very much either so I’m excited to have been able to get my teeth into some new products and give you my thoughts. To confirm, all photos are taken before the testing process. Hence why they look so shiny and new! I then use them for one month minimum to give a fair opinion. So let’s get started shall we?



L’Oreal Paris Infallible Priming BaseWith primer being one of those things I use daily, I get through it really quickly. I’m not usually fussed with which one I use as it’s not something you ever see, as long as it’s does the job, I’m happy! After using a sample of the Smashbox Primer though, I was curious to find a dupe and everywhere I looked pointed me in the direction of the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Priming Base. Just from the packaging you can see why the two are often paired against each other and the gel silicone textures are fairly identical. I think I definitely prefer using a gel to a cream, I weirdly like the sensation of almost stretching it across my skin until all is covered. You really don’t need a lot either which pleases me and the promised velvet-soft feeling is completely there. This feels like a proper base product of which to start your make-up with and I really like it,
Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream
I tend to wear foundation most days but let’s be honest, it’s not great for your skin and sometimes I want something lighter but still with a decent amount of coverage. Which is where Bourjois’s CC cream comes in! I’d actually complimented one of my sisters on their skin one day (thinking they weren’t wearing anything) when she told me it was the CC cream. Impressed, I scribbled it on the ‘want’ list on my phone (everyone has one of those – right!?) and a few weeks later, brought one for myself! I don’t love the packaging of this, purely because the product seeps out of the ‘nozzle’ and when you don’t want it, it’s a massive waste. Other than that, I do really like the product itself! It’s lovely and lightweight and hides or rather ‘corrects’ the imperfections you may have as well as being very natural looking – so perfect for if you want to just throw a product on, little else and go. It is a lot thinner and as a result, runny but this makes it really easy to work with. There are only four colour options which is really disappointing as it really is a lovely product so if it suits your skintone and you’re in the market for the perfect CC cream, I couldn’t reccomend Bourjois more!


Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks in High Flyer and The Matte Factor I washuge fan of the Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks when they first came out. I own multiple of them and was often complimented on both the colour and staying power. So I was eagerly awaiting the release of the Matte versions but so far, I’ll be honest that I’ve been disappointed. Seeing the colour swatches online, they don’t really look that great in my opinion and when my own two arrived in the post, High Flyer was a real effort to get any payoff from. Even after that, it didn’t really look like there was anything on my lips and it’s not like High Flyer was particularly sold as a nude or I wouldn’t have ordered it. I definitely preferred The Matte Factor which definitely seems to tick the ‘perfect for autumn’ box with its pink undertones which made it a lot easier to wear than a pure red. It also lasted much longer than High Flyer. The lipsticks are really comfortable to wear and do glide on easily and perhaps it’s just me but I’d definitely be sticking to the richer shades rather than the pinks.



L-R The Matte Factor, High Flyer, Martha Moo and Pink Cocoa

Tanya Burr Lipstick in Pink Cocoa
The packaging to the Tanya Burr lipsticks is gorgeous and definitely feels more expensive than it actually is. I don’t enjoy the random number that was stamped on the outside but other than that, the actual housing is very lovely. However I’m afraid this was a similar story to High Flyer. Pink Cocoa was sold out at first and Tanya herself had raved about this particular shade as her favourite. But for me, it just didn’t seem like there was anything on my lips at all, so ultimately it felt like a wasted product. Perhaps this is down to my skin tone or something but I do expect to see some hint of colour and there just wasn’t much at all. I’d like to try other shades from the range though as I do love the creamy formulation from the lipsticks.
Tanya Burr Luxe Lip Gloss in Martha Moo
Now this product I love. I knew the muted brown/dark pink colour was perfect and it was incredibly easy to slick onto my lips,with an instant wash of colour. This was mostly thanks to the applicator as it’s an ideal shape for applying the product, even without a mirror. The formulation is lightweight and dries to a really comfortable matte. Similar to the lipstick, the packaging is gorgeous with frosted glass and gold. Martha Moo was actually one of the first YouTuber products I’ve bought (I’ll admit I’ve been a tad dubious) and I’m seriously impressed with it and tempted to try the other shades!



Collection Primed & Ready Concealer Kit
We all know Collection for their Lasting Perfection Concealer and rightly so! For me, it’s definitely achieved cult status and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it, more plenty that would recommend it in a heartbeat! In this handy little kit you’ve got a small liquid concealer (which feels to me exactly like Lasting Perfection) as well as two cream to powder concealers and a translucent setting powder. In theory, it should be everything I love. Concealer is probably my favourite make-up item of choice and I adore compact sets which I can throw into my bag and are ideal for travel. The idea is that you combine the concealers and powders for a flawless finish but I just don’t enjoy working with cream to powder concealers and found myself favouring the liquid option. I enjoy testing out concealers, I mean who doesn’t want to cover up those dark circles or odd blemish? But sadly in this case I won’t be repurchasing.

I apologise that this month’s Beauty on Trial is fairly negative but that’s the beauty of having a blog, being able to be honest with you all about my experience of the products and perhaps save you a few pounds. I hope you have enjoyed the latest instalment and I’d love to know your opinions and what you think I should be buying next!