Autumn with Yankee Candle

6th November 2016

When someone says the word ‘Autumn’, what do you think of? For me, it’s crisp air and cold mornings. Crunchy leaves beneath boots in tones of oranges, greens and browns. Nights that draw in quickly and are spent mostly on comfortable seating, fingers curled around mugs of warm drinks and let’s be honest, the best TV is on in the Autumn. I don’t know about you, but I’m currently loving Ordinary Lies, The Missing and Black Mirror. One thing that is never missing from my house throughout Autumn and Winter though is a good candle. For me, they add a real ambience and just complete a setting. Add a candle or two to any room and things are instantly a whole lot cosier.
So when Yankee Candle got in touch to show me their Harvest Time* collection, it’s safe to say I was thrilled. They have such a wide range of delicious options and the lasting time is well worth the money. I’m known for having a Yankee Candle drawer at home (sorry Matt…), stuffed full of my favourites. Still, what harm is a few more…?

Ebony and Oak
After our woodland stay last month (you can read about it here), I found myself missing the forest and the smells that came with it. So to my rescue came Ebony and Oak! There’s a bit of everything here, as well as Ebony and Oak (obviously!), there is Pine Bough, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus too. After five minutes, with the scent drifting around our living room, I instantly felt transported back to Houghton Wood where we enjoyed a campfire in the evening. There is nothing damp or over the top woody with this candle, in fact it’s actually quite elegant and floral. I could imagine myself going: “Oh that? It’s Ebony and Oak darling!” while sprawling on a chaise lounge in a long dress… I wish. I’ll be the first to admit that this was one of those type of candles that I wouldn’t have naturally picked up but now I’ve had the joy of burning it, it’s definitely taught me to not judge a scent by its name.

Honey Clementine
Weird fact about me, I don’t actually like oranges. Don’t get me wrong, orange squash or a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and I’m there. But the fruit? No. No thank you! And because I hate them to eat, the scent also unsettles me ever so slightly. Which was why I was apprehensive about this particular candle, Honey Clementine. The top and mid notes (so the initial impression and then the main body) are Orange Peel and Clementine so you do get a strong citrus vibe. Surprisingly, I do actually like it. It’s more Clementine than Orange and not as sharp as the smell of the fruit, which is the aspect that I dislike the most. The candle feels a lot more refreshing and while you can definitely detect the honey, it’s not too strong which I think is good as otherwise it would be very sickly.
rhubarb_crumble Rhubarb Crumble

I cannot think of a more autumnal dessert than a Crumble can you? On a cold evening you want something to warm your from the insides and a Rhubarb Crumble is going to do just the job. It’s such an identifiable smell that I knew exactly what to expect and Yankee certainly delivered. For me, it’s the Rhubarb and the Brown Sugar that I associate with the smell and with both of these being notes in the candle, you are definitely getting that straight out of the oven smell. I enjoyed the vanilla scent too and you even get the ‘warmth’ of the hot pudding from the candle flame itself so you’re getting the whole package. And just think, you can even bypass the calories for your crumble fix…

Autumn Night
This was probably the one candle that I was most intrigued by. How can you possibly create a scent for an Autumn Night? Similarly to Ebony and Oak, Autumn Night is quite a woody smell which you get from the base note of Oak and mid note of Maple Lead. There is also Vetiver in there too, which is a tropical grass and has a real smoky, earthiness to it. I can see completely where they are going with the scent: for me, it conjures up the image of a dark, crisp night, most likely in a forest. There’s a touch of lavender too which doesn’t make too much sense to me but definitely adds a little sweetness to the scent.

So there you have it, four very different and unique offerings from Yankee Candle’s new Harvest Time collection. Popping one of these in your living room will help you bring Autumn into the warmth of your home and they make great gifts for candle lovers if you’re thinking ahead for Christmas! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you’re a fan of Yankee Candles, I’d love to know your favourite scent in the comments below!


*Post contains samples sent to me for a review, all opinions are 100% my own.