A Magical Woodland Hideaway at North Star Club

30th October 2016

I love writing blog posts but you know when you get really excited to write a post? Yeah, that. That is just how I felt about pulling together the very contents of what you are reading now. I knew our stay at the North Star Club was going to be unique (my very favourite kind of UK getaway), but I had no idea just how much I was going to fall in love.

So on a Friday morning, Matt and I drove to Sancton in Yorkshire, roughly a two-hour drive from our home. The road into the actual site itself was narrow and incredibly bumpy with various animals pottering around. We parked and were met at check in by a lovely lady who showed us to our woodland suite. While not far from the main ‘communal area’ (more on that later!), each suite was located away from the others and surrounded by trees, so you got a real sense of privacy and wilderness. I was thrilled.
Each suite at North Star Club is inspired by some of the great people of Yorkshire. Ours, for example, was named after Amy Johnson who was Britain’s most famous aviatrix and the first woman to fly alone from Britain to Australia. Basically, she was pretty kickass! Feisty and glamorous, Amy’s suite was dressed as such and filled with lots of mirrored surfaces, faux fur and travel themed items such as suitcases, maps and globes. It was glorious. The suite was split into several rooms: the living area with a chic brown leather sofa held facilities for dining in if you so wished. There were plenty of utensils as well as a mini fridge and table and chairs. The BBQ outside provided the actual cooking area but as this was covered by a veranda, it actually didn’t feel too odd to be cooking on it in October.

It’s safe to say the bedroom was my favourite part of the suite. Everything was so cosy, a wood burner tucked in one corner and a large, soft bed laden with throws. Doors could be thrown open to reveal the woodland which I delighted in one morning when it was raining, the sound of which is the most soothing noise around when you are snuggled in the warm. I swear if I could bottle that moment and reuse it as and when, I would do it in a heartbeat. That said, the bathroom was an absolute dream. I’ve always wanted a roll top bath and the spacious white tub was everything I could have asked for. For once, the Rain Shower was the least favoured of the stay, as wonderful as it was!. Every day before getting ready for dinner, we would light the multiple candles that were on offer, dim the lights and sink amongst the bubbles. Admittedly I am fairly short anyway, so space is never really an issue but it was still wonderful to be able to really stretch out. I didn’t even need a book, entertained purely by the warm, still surroundings.
You’re in great range for things to do. If you don’t fancy cooking for yourself, there are plenty of eateries close by such as at The Star at Sancton where we dined on delicious steaks the first night. A five-minute drive away is Drewtons, a farm shop which offers fresh, local produce and some seriously good sausage rolls and pasties! You can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would thoroughly recommend their fry up! You could also go explore York for a spot of shopping or even the beautiful Flamborough Head which I was disappointed to have missed.

The Woodshed was the ‘communal relaxation space’ on site at the North Star Club. It was a place that was open all day and at night we all had a key to access it. I loved the Honesty System that was in place, simply leave your money and help yourself to tea, coffee or a delicious brownie. How brilliant is that? I was pleased to see this was something that was well used. You could then take your hot drink and snuggle up by the fire, perhaps with a book or even play a board game. I really like the idea of a communal place where The styling follows a similar vein as the suites and the founders and multi-award winning designers Christian and Carolyn Van Outersterp have done the most fantastic job of creating a woodland hideaway, inspired by Christian’s North American heritage. It is fairy lights galore, strung across indoor trees and thick, furry throws to wrap around your shoulders. If I had to choose a word to define the whole place it would most certainly be ‘cosy.’ North Star Club takes you in its arms with love and warmth, rocking you gently.

Just outside the Woodshed was another aspect that made our stay at North Star Club a unique one – a canopied campfire. The fire is surrounded by plenty of comfortable upturned logs to perch on, within perfect distance to spear a marshmallow or two (kindly left in our suite) and roast over the fire. It wasn’t hard to guess that this was Matt’s favourite part of our trip. And I certainly can’t blame him. We sat together on a cool, October night, bathing in the warmth of the fire, sipping tea and gorging on chocolate and marshmallows. We spoke about how perfect a place the club would make for a wedding (having discovered you could book the place for a wedding, I’ll admit it was me who initiated this conversation!). I love the idea of finishing the big day with your nearest and dearest changed into comfy clothes and huddled around the campfire, chatter and music filling the air, the fire crackling. Can you tell I’ve thought about this a lot? You’ve got everything you need for a night by the firepit, plenty of wood, matches and more fairy lights help make everything just that more magical.

As you may have read, I’ve only good things to say about our stay at North Star Club. It was such a special and unique experience and I came back more relaxed than I have at any spa. There is truly something to be said for surrounding yourself by nature for a couple of days. Any worries or thoughts of work or responsibilities drifted away and we just felt calm. I apologise for the many photos in this post, I took so many and I desperately wanted to get across the beauty of the place for you all. I would tell everyone to come here, whether you want a family break away from technology, a getaway with a group of friends, a romantic weekend for the two of you or even if you just need some time and space to think, North Star Club is for you. Ever since we’ve left I’ve been thinking about it and I’ll certainly be making a return.

We received our stay free of charge in return for a review but as always, opinions are 100% my own.