21st August 2016


Blogging is hard work. Whether you are a full time blogger, living and breathing your craft, or you do it as much as you can, juggling your little space on the internet alongside work, children and just life. I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that as a blogger, I don’t think you ever really switch off. With a ‘normal’ job, a lot of the time (career depending), you can leave your work at the door and focus on meaningless things, perhaps what you’ll have for dinner or what Netflix show you’ll start. But with blogging your mind is always ticking, always sifting through ideas or lists of what you have to do for your latest posts. You can be the most organised of bloggers with scheduled posts up until March but I’d hazard a guess that you are still always thinking.

Before blogging, I still loved taking photographs. The difference was that I took them for a very different reason. I took them because to be quite honest, I was scared of forgetting. I wanted to preserve as much memories as I could. And it’s a cliche but yes, I wanted to be able to sift through them when I was old and be able to be transported back to that time and place. I didn’t particularly care if it was a bit wonky, I took the photo quickly and almost carelessly. For blogging, it’s so much more intense. For one, I take a lot more photos as my theory is that the more photos I take, the more likely one will be perfect. But I also take them like a blogger: I reposition and adapt so the photo will look its best. Because obviously, when I write up the post or uploading to instagram, I want it to look good.

“With blogging your mind is always ticking, always sifting through ideas.”

This is all fine, but when you are applying this concept to a lot of situations, it can be exhausting. For example, recently I took my boyfriend to Barcelona as a surprise for his Birthday (more on that soon!). When we entered the hotel room , it kind of saddened me that almost instantly, he stepped to the side so I could take photos of the room at it’s very best. This was his birthday surprise and he was so excited yet he held himself back for me. And I’ve no doubt he does that automatically in numerous situations, whenever we are out to dinner somewhere particularly nice, he’s almost now trained to wait until photos are taken before he can tuck in.

So it was this, to be honest, that got me thinking. I feel like there is forever this inner battle. We’ve all had that thought: “Oh that would look so good on the blog!” but should we always entertain that thought and reach for the camera? Perhaps not.

This is why I think we should all, from time to time, embrace the idea of being a ‘Bad Blogger.’ Which is sort of ironic really because you aren’t really being bad at all. I think we should all try and fight the itch to ‘blog about it’ when we are in certain places or situations. No, there isn’t anything wrong with doing so, we all went the best for our blogs at the end of the day. But when a lot of our lives are taken up by blogging, sometimes we need to shove our carefully crafted corners to the back of our minds and concentrate on the here and now. I’ve tried to start doing this more and I urge you to give it a go. It’s refreshing. There is actually something quite nice about soaking everything up in the moment and not have a physical memory, it sort of feels more special. Whether it’s a delicious brunch with some girlfriends or digging straight into that new Urban Decay palette without waiting for the lighting to be right for photos. The world will not stop spinning if you allow yourself these moments.

“There is actually something quite nice about soaking everything up in the moment.”

And when you aren’t searching for the part of that park in London that will look best on Instagram, you notice the smaller, more imperfect parts that you usually might disregard because “it wouldn’t look right.” And you know what? When not in a photo or scrutinised by your ‘blogger mind’, they’re actually quite beautiful too.

If being a bad blogger means that my beautiful plate of food doesn’t go cold because I’m fussing over moving everything out of the vicinity to get the perfect flat lay or that I sit back with my boyfriend and enjoy a sunset on the beach, then I think I can do it.

Because to be perfectly honest, it actually sounds quite nice.

I know this weeks post is a little different to usual but I really wanted to just write. While there are no pretty pictures, I hope I’ve still given you something to think about. I’d love to hear your thoughts!