17th July 2016


Of all the invites I’ve received since starting blogging, the email about the launch of the new Krispy Kreme spotlight store in my hometown of Peterborough, had to be the most exciting to date. Even if you’ve never had the joy of having one, everyone knows about the legendary doughnuts of Krispy Kreme. So naturally, I couldn’t not bring you all along!



Located dangerously close to my home, my boyfriend Matt and I arrived at the store and were met by drinks and the sensational sweet smell of doughnuts! Looking around the place, we agreed it was a really nice place to just meet up with someone and have a coffee and a catch up, somewhere you didn’t need to venture all the way into the city centre for.



While it was still quiet, we decided to check out the Krispy Kreme Cocktails which had been created in honour of the event. Matt went for ‘The Nutty Professor’ which was based on the new Nutella doughnut. We watched, impressed as the bartender whirled bottles around in the air in a way which I know I could certainly never do without some serious injury! After one sip of the cocktail, Matt declared it “delicious!”






We then ambled over to the doughnut counter where we stood in awe of the delights of Krispy Kreme and took ages to decide which we wanted. There’s definitely a choice for everyone who is after a naughty treat and as the doughnuts were all on the house that night, we certainly had plenty ‘treats’ in the end! We both chose the new ‘Nutty Chocolatta’ which is essentially the famous Krispy Kreme doughnut stuffed full of Nutella! I don’t think I have to explain how incredible it tastes but I really hope they keep it around! Matt also chose a Latte while I went for a Traditional Lemonade which was so refreshing and not too zesty as they often can be. I also spoke to a few people who insisted the Kreme Shakes were amazing.

The event was buzzing, with a DJ, a photo booth and even the Mayor in attendance (who could blame him?). It was somewhat surreal as I felt like I was somewhere in London rather than my hometown of Peterborough!






Probably the best thing about the night (beside the free doughnuts of course), had to be the personal tour of the behind the scenes action of Krispy Kreme. Matt and I donned some attractive hair nets and followed our guide.
It takes about roughly 90 minutes to make a batch of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the Peterborough store roughly creates 20 batches per day with approximately 500 doughnuts in a batch! That’s one hell of a lot of doughnuts!

First things first, they mix the ingredients together to make the ‘dough’ mixture (which is all hand made) and it then has to be heated to a very precise temperature. They then put the dough into the machine which cuts the doughnut shapes that we all know so well before then being proved for 40 minutes and then fried. It’s quite strange watching them being fried as it’s basically a long, winding river of doughnuts! Krispy Kreme are very particular on the shape of their products, they measure it that it has to be perfectly circular and fit under one of their takeaway coffee cups. I was pleased to discover that any unused doughnuts were taken out of the store and ‘recycled’ accordingly. The doughnuts are then glazed before being left to cool for a while before the fun part…the decorating!








Obviously the decorating varies depending on the doughnut but it’s a similar sort of process that we both got to try ourselves! For the Chocolate Sprinkles doughnut, we pressed half of the doughnut into a large vat of creamy chocolate icing for a few moments before shaking of the excess so it smoothed out. We then pushed the iced doughnut into a tray of rainbow colour sprinkles and the doughnut was complete!
With the likes of the new and (possibly my favourite) Nutty Chocolatta which have a tasty filling, doughnuts are pushed two at a time onto a thin pipe and the nudge of a button will fill the doughnut with a sweet, gooey centre! Matt actually overfilled his, though I’m not sure this wasn’t on purpose! Then icing is simply piped on the top before a sprinkle of nuts completes the finished doughnut! We were handed our very own doughnuts to take home before picking some more from the counter and finally heading home.





The Krispy Kreme launch definitely had to put up there with one of my favourite events I’ve attended, simply because of how unique an experience it was. How often are you going to get to make your own doughnuts? I hope you’ve liked this behind the scene post and if I could send you all a doughnut, I most definitely would…promise!