15th May 2016
We all know what Urban Decay are most famous for. Go on, I know you’re thinking it. Their Naked palettes. Whether it’s the classic Naked palette or maybe Naked Smokey, it is the palettes that are often associated with the American brand. I own other products from UD, for example if I want my make up to remain on my face, it’s the All Nighter Setting Spray I’m going to reach for. And I refuse to prime my eyelids with anything other than their Primer Potion. But there are lots I knew I was missing out on and when a lovely little package arrived at Musings & More HQ, I was so excited to finally delve more into the well known brand.



First up, I’m going to start with my favourite product of the bunch. Meet the brand new Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Aura*. Hello! I don’t think the photos of this highlighter will ever do this product any justice at all, but it is simply beautiful. I’m so pleased with the colour, a dusky pink that is wearable for any skin tone. It’s a really lightweight powder that you don’t need to worry about over applying as you have total control on the build up because of the fine powder. It’s a really soft, feminine product that sits so very naturally on the skin. I’m usually a liquid highlighter kind of girl and the Afterglow highlighter makes me wonder why! I also tend to reserve highlighter for special occasions but Afterglow I’ve been reaching for daily as it doesn’t feel too much for a work day. It’s totally up to you to build up the effect you want.

Just dab Afterglow anywhere on your face where the sun usually hits. Urban Decay suggests adding some around the corners of the eyes and on the brow bones to give yourself a wide-awake look. Perfect for a sleep Monday morning!


Perversion Mascara* came at the perfect time as I had finished my recent tube of mascara and was wondering which to venture onto next! It promised me ‘bigger, blacker, badder’ lashes which is pretty much everything I’d want from my lashes anyway. The wand is very simple, nice and big but ideal for combing through lashes to leave your without clumps. The creamy texture extended my lashes beautifully and as suggested, left them black and bold.

You are guaranteed to reach every lash with this wand which really helps intensify your look. My eyes were so much more noticeable using this mascara and the length I was given would give even the best false lashes a serious run for their money! I know people who use multiple mascaras to achieve several results at once but there really is no need with Perversion as it really does it all. I don’t need to worry about anything with this mascara, I know at the end of the day my eyelashes will still be volumised and black and I won’t have any streaks or fallout to rub away either.


Now I’m a self confessed failure when it comes to eyeliner. So naturally I was sceptical when I spotted Ink For Eyes*, a Waterproof Precision Eye Pen. As you can see from the swatch, it’s the perfect strong black. If you are wondering why I say that, it’s because quite often I’ve experienced a sort of watery black in eyeliner that looks frankly awful! There’s none of that here though and I was encouraged by the thin tip that surely even I couldn’t screw up?

My problem has always been keeping to a straight line, but this glides smoothly across your lid and is fine enough to help produce a simple flick and allows you to build it up for a more dramatic look if that’s what you fancy. The next – and arguably most important – test was longevity so I wore this one day at work, so we’re talking roughly ten hours by the time I’ve got home, cooked and got round to taking my make up off!

(L-R Heartless eye liner, Ink for eyes and Aura highlighter)

I received a pack of 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils when I was a lot younger and they ended up sitting in my drawer unused and unloved! I always regretted never making the most of the variety of colours on offer so the arrival of a 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Heartless* gave me a chance to redeem myself! Plus, as someone who sticks primarily to darker colours, it gave me the opportunity to experiment as Heartless is a pop of pearly pink that makes the girly girl in me rejoice. The very nature of these pencils are that they glide on, so they are a really creamy consistency that you can work really nicely onto your lids.

I think Heartless is a really great brightening colour and even just applying this to the inner and outer corners of each eye will give you a lovely perk-me-up look. There’s an incredible 41 different colours in the range so your spoilt for choice and bound to find something you like. I really enjoyed putting this eye pencil on because it was just so easy to do. It was surprising how much I liked putting on a different colour as it gave me a completely different look and even pushed me to experiment with different eyeshadows to match.

Speaking of eyeshadows, the incredibly beautiful Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow palette is out now! A tribute to the film out on the 21st of May, there are twenty brand new shades that are seriously exciting and the most gorgeous, psychaedlic packaging! You can find out more here. This is one palette I am seriously eyeing up!

It was a real joy to delve into the world of Urban Decay and its safe to say I’m so impressed with what they have to offer. If anything, I’m worried that there’s a lot more products that I now want to get my hands on! Do you have a favourite UD product? What would you recommend? I’d love to know!

*Post contains product samples sent for review purposes


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