3rd April 2016


Being not specified to just writing about beauty on this blog, I decided to create a new series on Musings & More: Beauty on Trial where I’ll delve into my recent beauty purchases for you all. These aren’t necessarily new bits for you, more new to me. These are products I have tried and tested so feel able to give an honest review on my thoughts. Now lets get cracking with part one!




I’m perhaps not starting off on the best foot as these products are technically skincare. Nonetheless, I still reckon you’ll be interested! Admittedly, I’ve never used an oil in my skincare routine before but I’m fairly open to experimenting, especially if it’s ends up revolutionary for my face. Before I even began examining the contents Oils Of Life, I was struck immediately by the packaging. Firstly, can I point out – ombre!? Small things like that really grab me, so I really enjoyed this element. Secondly, it’s one of those gorgeous little bottles that looks great on your dressing table and it could easily be mistaken for a much more expensive product which are big thumbs up from me.

The point of the product I should point out, is to infuse life into your skin. Skin is supposed to be firmer and refreshed. It’s infused with three seed oils from Egypt, China and Chile – all known to be revitalising and repairing. You simply decant onto the skin and massage in. Luckily it’s a product that doesn’t take long to absorb. While the pipette took some getting used to for me personally, it helps you not dispense too much product onto your skin and therefore prevents any waste.

As a conclusion, while I really enjoy this product I’m not totally sure how much it is exactly doing for my skin. I might not be the target audience for this product which could be why I’m not noticing the effects. Tightness of skin has never exactly been a worry for me at age twenty three. My skin does however look a lot brighter and perkier in general since using Oils of Life.




I’m assuming that premise behind Rimmel London’s The Only One lipstick is that it’s the only lipstick you’ll need (tell that to my vast collection…). It promises long-lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear.

I enjoy the slanted bullet of these lipsticks as I feel like they make application so much easier. I feel like it’ll wear down so much nicer too. The colour range is impressive, with something for every lipstick fan to pick from and there’s a great pay of with little effort on your part. It’s got a great finish and really moisturises which is heaven for someone like me who can be prone to dry lips. I don’t believe any lipstick can last longer than a couple of hours without reapplying when you’re munching and drinking away so this isn’t something I consider as I feel like lipstick is just one of those products you are going to have to reapply regardless.

I’m not sure if it’s a dud or anything but Peachy Beachy was the only shade that just did not sit right on my lips. It’s disappointing as I’ve been searching for the perfect coral read for Spring/Summer and when swatched, it looked just the ticket. Despite that, this is a range I definitely want to grab more shades from because Naughty Nude and It’s a Keeper have become firm favourites in my collection.


L-R Naughty Nude, It’s a Keeper, Peachy-Beachy
L-R Naughty Nude, It’s a Keeper, Peachy-Beachy


I’m always a bit dubious when ‘celebrities’ release a line of make up and tend to shy away from it deliberately, but Rosie’s was one I couldn’t help but feel drawn to. It’s a extremely aesthetically pleasing range and being a rose-gold, copper obsessive (just call me a walking cliché), I was instantly swooning over the packaging, noticing the similarity to Charlotte Tilbury. It’s not exactly high street pricing so I decided to limit myself and being the obsessive I am, I chose a lipstick and the product one I was most intrigued about, a cream eyeshadow stick.


Before I even cast an eye over the colours of the lipsticks, I was shuddering with delight (much to Matt’s amusement) at finally having a lipstick with a magnetic closing. There is just something so very satisfying about the smooth click and it makes the product feel expensive. More to the point, it’s just bloody useful if you leave lipsticks rolling around your bag as often as I do. There’s a good selection of colours, I ended up going for Camisole Blush. On reflection I wish I’d gone for Silk Cami, as it’s a much more me colour. Overall, it’s a great lipstick. Hydrating and soft on the lips, it’s lovely to apply.


The cream eyeshadow sticks have been said to be reminiscent of the by terry equivalent, but I feel like people make this comparison a lot, simply because they are the same type of product. Nonetheless, I went with ‘Sparkle & Magic.’ I did really like applying this to my lids and it blended really nicely. But if I’m honest, the colour wasn’t anything massively different to what we’ve all seen before. I feel like I’d be able to find the equivalent in one of my Naked palettes and considering this is £12.50, I don’t know how worth it these are. There isn’t the greatest selection of colour choice either, only about four currently but I’m expecting this to expand and if they can offer a more unique shade, I’ll be tempted.

So there you have it, the very first Beauty on Trial post. I admittedly buy quite a few sporadic beauty purchases every month, so I’m looking forward to being able to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you. Have a great week!