Backstage Live

10th April 2016

A lot of the events I have been invited to relating to blogging happen to take place in London and while it’s a great place, it’s not always the most convenient to get to. So when I was invited to Backstage Live which took place very close to me, I was ready and raring to go!


Backstage Live gave shoppers the chance to discover the must-have trends coming our way this Spring/Summer 2016. As someone who isn’t exactly ‘on trend’ this was really interesting for me to find out all about! The idea behind Backstage Live was to create a sort of behind the scenes experience from a fashion show.

All the different elements were there to enjoy – fashion, beauty, hair and skincare with all the professionals there to lend a land. There was a range of clothes on display and an expert talking us through the latest trends and the options available from a variety of shops including John Lewis, Next and Warehouse. It was really helpful to find out about the different body shapes and how to dress them.




Hair stylists from Michael John and Pkai ran 15 minute masterclasses throughout the day and you were also able to have your hair styled which was fantastic for me as I actually had a wedding party to go to that night! The hairdresser curling my hair was really helpful and answered any questions I had about how she was able to curl my hair so perfectly (and quickly!). I always long to be able to do my hair as well as they can in a salon! I learnt that I definitely need to invest in a larger tonged curler as it’s those that can create the big hollywood curls I so desperately want!




Next up, I found myself at the Lush stall. I’m forever reading blog posts on all the other products that Lush offer other than bath bombs (which is what I tend to head straight for) so I was intrigued to learn more. A lovely lady introduced me to a massage bar, a product that was right up my street! I’d actually thought it was a soap initially, but it was explained to me that you simply rubbed it onto your skin wherever you wanted and massaged it in, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling utterly gorgeous! While it was sold as a massage bar, it actually worked just as well as a moisturiser too. I was treated to a hand massage which was heavenly. As my skin was almost quite buttery, she finished off with Silky Underwear (I love their names!) which was a dusting powder that made the perfect finishing touch with a floral sense was almost seductive. I’ve not seen anything like this before except talcum powder and it wasn’t anything I’d ever considered using before.


I also got to experience the delights of lip scrubs on offer and it pains me I’ve lived so long without owning one! Coming in a variety of flavours including the above, I was impressed with the concept of a product that exfoliates and softens your lips! I was also told that a lot of people actually end up licking it off lips (it’s safe to do so) because the flavour is so damn good! Made up of sugar, sea salt, polenta and coconut and jojoba oils, popcorn is definitely my favourite of the bunch with it’s caramel scent!

I then trotted along to see what the Bodyshop had on offer. If you know this blog well, you’ll know how often the Bodyshop has been features on Musings & More and how much I enjoy their products. I’ve not actually used anything from the Drops of Youth range because I wasn’t sure how much I’d get out of the anti-aging element. I had heard great things however about the Bouncy Sleeping Mask which is great fun to play with, with it’s memory shape texture which leaves the pot looking flawlessly like it has never been touched! I’ve been given a sample of this, so I’m looking forward to seeing if it’s as great as everyone says it as the price is always an element which has put me off slightly.


I’ve dabbled in the Oils of Life collection but their new additions left me intrigued so it was helpful for me to find out more! I’m definitely keen to give the Sleeping Cream a go as it promises to revitalise and nourish your skin, all while you sleep! Again this is one that hints towards anti-aging but I’m more keen to and hydrate and brighten up my skin to save time in the morning! It’s quick thick but sinks in quickly without being greasy and as with all The Bodyshop products, it smells divine.


I was kindly given a goody bag by Queensgate shopping centre who were running the event and thought I’d let you have a nose through what was in there! All of the Lush samples are products I’ve never tried so I’m excited to be able to test them all out and introduce some gorgeous scents into our bathroom! I’m especially curious about the dream steam which is a dab that you drop into a bowl hot water, rest your head over and soak up the steam which opens up your pores and allows the oils to be absorbed. No7 is not a brand I’ve actually ventured very far into (not that I need any more make up…) so it’ll be interesting to try a different brand out.


I really enjoyed attending Backstage Live and I learnt a lot in a short space of time! It was really lovely to see an event that was open to everyone and was free of charge.

I was also given a voucher for a meal at the Handmade Burger Company which I thoroughly relished and thought I’d tease you with a lovely photo of…enjoy! 😉