A relaxing stay at Wyboston Lakes

I’m a massive fan of those websites like Groupon and Wowcher which if you don’t know, are websites that allow you to get all manner of things for a discounted price for a limited time only. I’m talking meals out, experiences, broadway shows, gadgets, goods and my favourite of all? Short holiday breaks! Often one or two nights and a lot of time including breakfast and dinner or even a spa, they are a great way to go away somewhere for some relaxation. Before we had our house, I’ll admit me & Matt went on a lot of these breaks, simply because we could. They were great value for money and offered us the chance to get away from our families (as much as we love em!) and spend some time together.
Last year, when I really shouldn’t have been, I was perusing Groupon and fell upon a beautiful hotel called Wyboston Lakes where the photos completely gripped me. It offered a one night day with use of the thermal spa as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner! I showed the offer to Matt and we agreed it was definitely something we should do. We brought the ‘voucher’ as it were and then it was just a matter of waiting for the right time for us to go away and enjoy the facilities!

That time came at the end of February, Matt would be off work anyway and I only needed to book the Monday off work. What was really nice was that I’d had a stressful couple uof weeks and just found out I’d got a new job, so it was the perfect time for a celebration and a bit of ‘us’ time! I was brimming with excitement as we arrived, eager to get into our room and explore. The grounds of the hotel were quite large with a golf course and gym that Matt immediately eyed up before I dragged him into the reception.







A large part of the hotel has actually been refurbished and for me, this is such a great move as you can tell the hotel have really moved with the times. For example, the superior room we were staying in featured a coffee maker complete with pods which was a touch my boyfriend really enjoyed. You’ve also got a tablet screen and while you can’t browse the internet, it very useful for ordering the likes of room service or requesting a spa treatment. When Matt clicked through that he was interested in booking a massage, within a minute they rang through to our room and tried to fit him in! You can also use it to find out more about the hotel and its facilities. While you don’t often watch TV when away, the flat screen mounted into the wall was a welcome touch. And I simply can’t not mention the bed! Kingsize and inviting, it was heavenly to sink into and I’ll admit we found it very difficult to leave! The very modern bathroom features a glass, walk in shower with a rain shower and you’re also left a selection of Elemis toiletries which is handy if you want to pack light!





For us, Y Spa was the cherry on top of Wyboston. We were completely in awe of it as it contained so many different aspects compared to the many spas we had visited before. When we arrived, we were given some very nifty wristbands that would allow us in and out of the spa simply by just touching them against an electronic pad. These same wristbands allowed us to open and securely lock a locker for our items which I really liked, it’s so much easier to have a wristband compared to a key that you quite often end up losing! I definitely recommend letting the staff take you on a tour as it’s useful to know exactly where everything is. You are given a dressing gown and slippers for your convenience and it’s lovely not to feel totally overexposed. There are also plentiful towels to access at all times around the spa.

Picture courtesy of Wyboston Lakes
Picture courtesy of Wyboston Lakes

The obvious highlight of the spa I would say is the hydrotherapy pool. You can swim right through to it via some stairs from the spa (so you don’t even have to go out into the cold!) and as soon as you step into the water you are met with the most gorgeous warmth that floods through your body. The easiest way I can describe a hydrotherapy pool is like one giant Jacuzzi. It really is the loveliest thing to sink into the water with the bubble gently pulsating against your skin. There are even these sort of platforms so you can lay down, your head resting on a cushioned edging that runs along the top of one side of the pool. This was definitely the area myself and Matt found it most difficult to drag ourselves away from as it was just so relaxing.

Other areas of interest include: two sauna rooms, ‘soft’ and ‘hot.’ A normal steam room and then a salt steam room. An ice room for you to cool off, where you can press yourself against the giant block of ice on the wall and various showers for you to rinse off. There is also a high supply of drinking water on offer at all times to make sure you keep hydrated.
The chill section of the spa was also heavenly. So many spaces for you to lounge around and read or even take a nap if you fancied. I particularly loved this little curtained off section where there were three average looking beds inside. Deciding we wanted to do some reading, we went in. But sinking into one, I squealed with delight. They were water beds! And even better, they were warm! It was like you were being enveloped in a toasty hug, the motion of the water rocking you to sleep. I now desperately want a water bed!


I was also kindly treated to a facial, I chose the ‘ELEMIS TRI-ENZYME RESURFACING’ which the website describes as ‘Precision layering of tri-enzyme serums, this unique treatment targets blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial facial scarring and fine lines, revealing younger looking skin.’ I’ve never actually had a facial before so I was really intrigued about this. I was admittedly a little bit nervous as it was a 55 minute long treatment with someone fondling my face but I really need not have worried as the time absolutely flew by. The therapist who was administrating the treatment put me at complete ease and talked me through everything she was doing. We also discussed my skin type and my routine for which she made some suggestions which I found really helpful – it was like getting a skin consultation for free! When she had finished, she also gave me a list of recommended products specifically for my skin type that could be purchased from the spa.

If you are visiting Wyboston Lakes, I would most definitely recommend having a treatment. The treatment rooms are all upstairs, away from the spa and it feels very private and similarly to the spa, just so relaxing and cosy with low lighting and gentle music.







Our packages included dinner on our arrival day and breakfast and lunch on our second day. I love these type of packages as it’s such a treat and not having to make any food yourself is a bonus! We took dinner at about 7pm and were led to a lovely candlelit table for two. The restaurant, The Waterfront looked out onto the lakes and felt really relaxed but not at all informal which was the type of atmosphere we loved. For starters, I went for the sticky chicken wings which came with a barbeque sauce and a pot of coleslaw. I was very impressed with the portion size as quite often you can feel starters are slightly skimped on but I was really satisfied. They wings were meaty, juicy and packed with flavour.


I’m a big steak eater, so it was no really surprise when I went straight for the 8oz Fillet Steak. No word of a lie, best steak I have ever had. Often you’ll go for a side of peppercorn sauce but this steak needed nothing and in my opinion was best on its own! It was a great cut of meat but it was the taste that really got me, so tender and it really melted in the mouth. I remember turning to Matt and telling him: “We are coming back for this alone.” He wholeheartedly agreed. Dessert for me took the form of a chocolate gateau cake. I asked to change the cherry ice cream to the caramel and they happily obliged. The layers of sponge and cream paired with the sweet and salty ice cream made for a delicious taste sensation. I even had a nibble of Matt’s sticky toffee pudding and it was sensational, if I could bottle up that sauce I most definitely would!



Breakfast was a similarly impressive affair but taken in a different room to dinner, one called The Fountains. Straight away we were seen too, seated at the most perfect table with a large window that looked out on to the lake with a glorious sun beaming down at us. Tea and coffee were brought to us and we were shown a table in the centre of the room where we could collect cereal, pastries and fresh juices and then another room where we could help ourselves to a selection of fried breakfast items including bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, etc. I love when you can do it yourself as you feel no guilt filling up your plate – and we certainly did that! Relaxing in the sun with such tasty food, it really was the best way to start the day.







It was decided very early on in our visit to Wyboston Lakes that we would be returning. At first it was for the food and then the spa and then we just ended up concluding we’d love to do everything again! Even better is that Wyboston Lakes is situated just a 30 minute drive away from where we live. This is one of those places I would be happy to 100% recommend to anyone to be guaranteed a refreshing and relaxing break.

This visit was paid for by myself and all pictures were taken and are owned by myself except where stated otherwise.

Emily x

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  • Raj

    Amazing, what a perfect way to celebrate your good news
    Sounds like you both had a fabulous time and enjoyed the facilities, great deal and great find! Thanks for sharing

    What Raj Wants

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