10 things only dog owners will understand + Six month puppy update!

27th March 2016


If you read my post here, you’ll know we decided to get a gorgeous miniture daschund puppy, Luna. She’s now six months old and after a few people asked about how she was doing, I thought it would be worth doing a bit of an update on her!

She’s now grown full size which is kind of crazy to us, as compared to a lot of dogs we see on our walks, she’s tiny! Being crossed with a Jack Russell, she’s not too sausagey which is just what we wanted if I’m honest and is actually quite well proportioned to the rest of her body. I’m not really sure what’s going on with her fur as she was this beautiful shade of dark brown when she was very small but now she’s a lot blonder in places. We’re curious as to if she’ll change at all in the sun!


I’m (very!) pleased that Luna is now toilet trained! She’ll bark at the back door when she wants to go out and bark when she wants to come back in. We can now wander around the house too when she is outside and she’s lost the need to have her eyes on us at all times when she’s in the garden. Speaking of outside habits though, she’s now started digging up our garden much to our frustration! Dachshunds were actually bred as working dogs where they were required to go after badgers or rabbits which as you can imagine requires quite a bit of digging, so it’s sort of in her nature but it’s not something we want to encourage!

Luna positively loves her walks although she’d much rather roam free on her own than be kept in her harness! She’s definitely got a case of small dog syndrome as she quite often barks at much bigger dogs (noticeably when she’s a safe distance away!) and certain people. She raises a lot laughs and coos from passer-by’s and the amount of times we get stopped when out with her is crazy! It’s a really lovely, sociable thing though and people are always really friendly.

She’s a lot better at not needing us constantly and will play by herself which is helpful when we need to get things done, although she’s still the biggest fan of constant cuddles! She’s desperate to be allowed to come up to bed with us though we’ve ruled this out completely until she’s a lot older! I swear she’s deliberately destroyed all her beds we buy her so that she’ll HAVE to come up with us! When we first brought her home, she had SO many toys but now her little basket is fairly empty (much to her dismay!). We’ve found she just gets through toys so much quicker now she can tear through them so easy with those sharp little puppy teeth! Speaking of which, she’s losing teeth! This is such an odd, odd thing I find, but completely natural. I actually found it a little sad when Matt presented me with a tooth she had been trying to eat and decided to snatch it up for myself for keepsakes!


Luna has become such a massive and integral part of our lives. It is the best thing in the world to come home to happy face and a waggy tail, to be greeted with so much love and kisses. Dogs are the most loyal breed of animals to exist in my opinion, so trusting and affectionate, there really is nothing like it!

10 things only dog owners will understand

1) They do something they shouldn’t and you’re ready to tell them off when they look up at you with these big eyes and you meeeelt.
2) You talk to them similarly to how you would talk to a baby. Gushy, high pitched sounds you swore would never come out of you!
3) At least once (or dozens of times if you are me), you’ll try and squeeze them into an outfit of some sort, most likely around Christmas!
4) Speaking of Christmas, on the 25th of December, your pooch receives the most presents out of anyone in your house.
5) You quite often find yourself having full on conversations with your dog and are convinced they know what you are saying.
6) Your phone camera roll is made up of 70% pictures of your dog and you can’t bear to delete them, even though they are stored safely on your computer.
7) You are convinced you won’t miss your dog too much on holiday yet when you are away, on several occasions you huddle over your phone to look at photos/watch videos of your beloved.
8) When you have stuff you need to be getting on with but your dog has fallen asleep awkwardly on your lap and she just looks so cute that you can’t possibly move her…
9) You will at one point or another, get tangled up by your dogs lead. Sometimes this can include complete strangers and their dogs.
10) Ending this on a nice point – it’s always amazing how positive dogs are. It sounds strange, but watching your animal get so excited over just waking up in the morning and getting to start their day or seeing them go absolutely bonkers over a walk is the loveliest of things. They are rarely ever sad and seeing them happy can boost your own mood almost instantly.


So there you have it, a little update on my gorgeous girl and a 10 things list that will hopefully make you smile! I hope you’ve all had a great easter and stuffed yourself full of chocolate! See you next week!