What’s in my bag?

21st February 2016


I really don’t know the appeal in watching people pull out the contents of their bags, but regardless, I love it! So I decided to joint the fun and let you have a peek into what I lug about on a daily basis.
First things first – and most importantly, let’s be honest! The bag itself. This little beauty was purchased from Kate Spade inside Macy’s when I was visiting New York. Kate Spade was always a brand I lusted after, but it’s just not one that is readily available here in the UK. So naturally I was drawn like a magnetic when I saw the familiar logo. Being in a market for a new bag (my last one was sent back to Ted Baker for well, being a bit rubbish to be honest) and it also being my birthday, it was as if it was meant to be that myself and Kate came together! I instantly fell head over heels with this beautiful oxblood and gold bag. While I was concerned that it wouldn’t be big enough for all my crap, I knew that I had been looking for a lighter day to day accompaniment as I was fed up of heaving round a heavy handbag. A big selling point was that I could hang the bag loosely through the crook of my arm and the fact that it came with a long detachable strap too. I found that when I was doing something like shopping, I would transfer my purse and bits to a much smaller bag with a long strap so I could wear it across the body. This one however, could do both!

It took a second visit back to Macy’s though before I actually bit the bullet and took it to the counter, as I always find it difficult spending a lot of money and this was no exception although the 10% off was very tempting. Right up until she handed me the large Macy’s bag I was umming and ahhing but then it vanished, she was mine!



I own an iPad and I have done for years now. It’s one of the older ones, so it’s quite large and not exactly light. Regardless, I’ve had no problems with it and it is what I use to read on up until now. However, the new bag presented a bit of a problem. It would not fit in the new bag. Matt suggested I look into a Kindle and as silly as it felt when I had a perfectly good iPad, I couldn’t deny that it would be so much easier to have something so incredibly light weight like the Kindle Paperwhite. So after speaking to a few friends that were Kindle lovers and borrowing my Mum’s, I gave in. And honestly? I haven’t looked back. I adore that I can roll around in bed reading it and don’t get wrist cramp and that I can read in any sort of light, day time or night. It’s also nice the very little space it takes up in my bag, yet whenever I get a spare moment, I can bury my nose in whatever book I’m obsessed with at that time. I’ve also had my kindle for at least a month and haven’t needed to charge it yet! This is definitely one of those purchases that is worth every penny.


Okay, so I’ll admit this Ted Baker purse is massive. I could probably do with having a slimmer one but this one is just so lovely and holds everything I need it to perfectly! Being pink, it’s one of my favourite colours and is naturally very girly with a clasp in the form of a bow. I love that the purse is easy to clean and it’s really convenient to access all my cards or any coins I might have quickly.


Make Up:

I refuse to be one of those people that carry a full make up bag with them everywhere they go, I don’t touch up my make up through the day, only if I’m going somewhere special. So I try to limit myself to the products I would want in an ’emergency’ (I use that word lightly!) and keep them in this My Little Box drawstring bag. No surprises that my concealer

of choice is the cult favourite, Collection Lasting Perfection. This will never change for me as it does the job so well, creamy and full coverage, this ticks all the right boxes for me. We can all get a bit shiny every now and again, so a powder is useful to have on you and Rimmel Stay Matte was my favourite before MAC’s Studio Fix powder came along and claimed top spot. My lipstick is one that is constantly on rotation. I try and wear a different lipstick every day so will usually throw the days choice into my bag to apply when it’s worn off. I usually wear really minimum make up at work but I love how a lipstick can totally transform your look.


I’ve only had my blogging notebook for a few months now but I’m really finding it useful to have with me. It holds my blogging schedule with a tick list for me to check off for when I have completed both the words and photos for a post. It’s very helpful to be able to have a place when I can scribble down any ideas that come to me at any moment of the day and to remind me of what I still need to do. While I know that I could essentially get rid of this and use my Notes app on my phone, there is something I really like about being able to physically write. After all, I type everything else!
iPhone 6:
I’m an apple girl through and through so naturally, I have an iPhone. I really think this is a bloggers best friend. The screen is large enough to be able to use the apps efficiently and the camera is so high quality that I’ve taken many an Instagram shot on my phone and been very happy with the results and I know plenty of people who take their product shots
on it. The range of photo editing software is really incredible too. A lot of people find themselves blogging entirely through their phone, the amount of apps available really makes life easier and it’s now just so convenient to create content on the go. It’s addictive being able to access anything you want in the palm of your hand, from your emails to online shopping as well as every social media you could wish for. I’m afraid that I’m definitely going to be one of those peoples that follows every iPhone release through the course of my life.

So there we have it, a peek into my handbag! Naturally I haven’t included all those little boring little bit like tissues or my car keys as those are slightly dull! I understand this isn’t a topic everyone will find interesting but if you’re like me, you might! See you next week!


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