New York Haul!

14th February 2016

If you read my post from last week, you’ll know I was taken to New York for my 23rd Birthday. Now everyone knows that when you go to New York, you shop hard. I’m really pleased by the bits I picked up and thought I’d show you all what I managed to gather whilst visiting the Big Apple!

Bath & Bodyworks Candles in Joy, Twisted Peppermint and Red Velvet Cheer

Okay. Admittedly I do not, repeat, do not, need any more candles. I actually have my own candle drawer in our living room, stuffed with candles (much to my boyfriends distaste). But when in New York… I’d never been in a Bath & Bodyworks before but was intrigued so took about exploring. Then I came across the Sale section and that was the most fatal move of all. There was an array of gorgeous, three wick candles all for $10 each. And to be honest? I just couldn’t resist. I ended up selecting three. Twisted Peppermint feels like a predominantly Christmas scent so I’m not sure if I can justify lighting this one just yet but this sweet, candy cane scent is irresistible. Red Velvet will join the rest of my baking-esque candles in our kitchen, I’m sure you can guess but it’s reminiscent of a creamy red velvet cake that just makes me want to eat it. Joy is a marshmallow-peppermint combination that is simply glorious. I’ve been such a Yankee Candle fan for so long that I’m actually looking forward to diving into a new brand of candles and where better than Bath & Bodyworks?

Smashbox Primer + Marc Jacobs liner + Lipstick

Because I spent such a stupid amount in Sephora, I was asked if I wanted to spend my 1000 points on an array of miniature goodies. I ended up going with the Smashbox Primer as I’ve heard ever such a lot of good things about it and the full size prize tag is quite hefty so thought this would be the perfect way to test it out! I’ve not seen anything incredible with this so far but am still in the process of giving it a go. As it was also my birthday, Sephora gifted me this lovely this Marc Jacobs set with the most perfect plum-pink that is my go to shade and a liner which I’ve yet to give a try. I don’t own any Marc Jacobs products so this was a lovely introduction.

Clinique pop lip colour + primer in plum pop

I really, really enjoy this lipstick. Having tried Nude Pop, I knew I loved the consistency but to me Nude Pop just did nothing for me. I felt like you could barely see any trace of colour so for me it was a bit pointless. Then I came across Plum Pop and ugh, it’s just wonderful. This is the typical colour I love to wear and it’s even better that it’s a primer too, promising longevity and silky smooth finish. Definitely going to be checking out the other Pop shades as I’m a BIG fan.

Sephora Green tea mask & Facial Cleansing Brush

If you’ve been in Sephora, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s so easy to just pop products into your basket without really thinking about it. This was the case with these next two items. I’d been curious about a cleansing brush for a while though the more expensive, electronic sorts that did the work for you. I haven’t been in love with this cleansing brush as I don’t really feel like I’m getting anything near a deep clean as it just feels like it’s skimming your skin more than anything. The green tea mask I have been enjoying however. It feels a bit odd laying the sheet over your face but you soon get used to it and it is SO much easier than smothering on a paste. Will definitely be picking up more when I’m next in a Sephora, there are a whole array of ‘flavours’ too.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

Ohhh now this is beautiful. This is my first Too Faced palette and I’m certainly not disappointed. I wanted to stick to fairly neutral shades as I’m not really a big eye shadow wearer and when I do it’s more browns and gold’s. You get nine stunning shades which according to the included guide, can make up three different looks depending on the occasion. I’m actually curious to follow the guide to these looks as I’m no expect when it comes to eye make up and definitely want to take advantage of these beautiful colours. I’m in love with Honey Pot and Silk Teddy and am really looking forward to experimenting with this lovely palette.

Hug Mug

I can guarantee you are probably staring at your screen right now like “whaaaaat…?” Well, that was my exact reaction when I took my Hug Mug out of its box. A hug mug, before I go on, is said to be the perfect way to drink a hot chocolate. The shape is supposedly the best for making the most of every last delicious drop. I was quite taken with this purchase and selected my pure white Hug Mug off the shelf to go pay for. Or so I thought. Upon going to take the photos of my Hug Mug for this post back at home, I realised I had picked up the children’s version and had some creepy little chocolate smothered boy running around the surface of my mug. And now I’m not so sure how I feel any more…

New York is easily one of the most amazing places to go shopping and is such an experience, one I’m already desperate to repeat! I hope you’ve enjoyed this haul and I’ll see you next week!


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