February Favourites

28th February 2016

I feel like I haven’t done a Favourites in so long so I’m excited to share some great stuff with you. Read on to find out what I’ve been loving lately!



I’ll happily admit that if I wasn’t able to purchase this radio on offer through work, I probably wouldn’t have ever brought it. I’ve wanted a Roberts radio for years, I’ve always loved the retro styling and think it adds a great touch to any kitchen so I was delighted when I was able to get one discounted and Matt agreed we could get one. We went for the duck egg Revival iStream 2. It’s strange how much difference having the radio on can make. We like it on when we’re making dinner and maybe a Saturday morning when we’re having breakfast. I’ve noticed it helps us stay in quite a good mood. I can’t say Luna doesn’t get a tad confused when we start trying to make her dance round the kitchen with us!




I’m not very adventurous when it comes to perfume. I know people who love nothing more than spending time picking signature scents for specific events but that’s just not me. I’m the type of girl that once I’ve found a scent that I like, I just stick with it and think nothing more about it. But when Matt brought me Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ for Christmas, I was actually really pleased with it! It’s difficult to properly describe a smell to you, but it’s a beautiful, very fresh scent that is far from overpowering and adds just the right amount of strength for others to appreciate it! Made with top notes of wild strawberries and base notes of white wood accord, this is one fragrance I’d definitely recommend for you check out!



This book was one that I absolutely flew through. At every possible moment, I would be reading it when I could. It tells the story of Tess, who moves with her son to her new husband’s home in America. Pregnant with his child, Tess is nervous about her new life but is determined to make it work. However soon she begins picking up on strange occurrences and starts to discover that she might not know her husband as well as she thought, right when she is at her most lonely. This is a novel full of lies and mystery and you can’t help but come up with your own theory about what is going on. Tess is a character I really liked and I rooted for her throughout. If you are looking for something to read, this is a must to add to the list!


If you haven’t heard of the podcast Serial, where have you been? Told week by week, Serial tells the story of a real-life crime as it is investigated by journalist Sarah Koenig. Each week we learn new facts, find out about evidence that has come to light and hear from new people involved in the case. I fell in love with the first season which concerned the murder of schoolgirl Hae Min Lee and if her former boyfriend Adnan Syed who had been imprisoned for it, actually was guilty. Now onto season two, it’s a completely different story which is just as enjoyable. I’ve always loved audiobooks, but a continuous, real story each week? Even better! There is also something really relaxing about the narrator Sarah’s voice and I love to listen on a long car journey or to curl up at night, completely and utterly absorbed. There really is something marvellous about losing yourself and becoming so involved with a story.





It seems a requirement that when you own a sausage dog, you instantly become obsessed with anything to do with sausage dogs! There are various dachshund shaped items dotted around my home so it was no surprise to anyone when I came across this t-shirt and shorts set that I add to basket quicker than you can say dachshund! I think what made them even more appealing to me was how much the dog looks like our Luna and I love how the body curves right round the t-shirt to the back. They are extremely soft and comfy, perfect for snuggling in bed although I think I’ll be saving these for when Summer finally comes around as it’s a bit too cold for shorts at the moment! Luna however, seems to be a big fan!

So there we have it, another month over with. I’m excited as we creep slowly into Spring. I’m ready for lighter nights and for the sun to stay around just a little bit longer please! I also happen to be a big fan of Easter and all those delicious chocolate eggs… have a great March!