3rd January 2016
Well hello there! Happy New Year! I’ve had a little seasonal break from my blog which has been really relaxing and something I definitely needed, but now I’m back and ready to get going!

I’m going to start this post of with the usual disclaimer that come with these types of posts. I am posting just a few of the bits I got for Christmas not for showing off, but simply because at this time of the year these are the posts I love to read and actually seek out, so I thought I’d join in for anyone who is as nosy as me. Naturally I am very grateful for everything I received but Christmas will always be so much more than presents for me. Now lets get on with some lovely gifts shall we?

I aware I am massively late to the game with this one, but to be honest I was perfectly happy with my Liz Earle cleanser so although I wanted to give the Emma Hardie cleanser a go, I was in no great rush. However I am really enjoying this product, everything from the packaging to the gorgeous smell makes me swoon. Obviously it’s not exactly cheap but it certainly feels worth the money. It works in that you take a smudge of product and mix it with water until it create a paste which you then massage gently into your face before removing with a micro fibre cloth. I haven’t been using this long enough to confirm if it lives up to its promises of cleansing my pores and calming my skin but I’m expecting great things from such a cult product!


I’m a total list person, so this notebook from my in-laws was a really great choice for me. I find nothing more satisfying than creating a list and then striking each one off one by one, it’s sad but I get such a great sense of achievement. The design on the front is truly gorgeous and I love how it is split into different segments inside, including tabs so you can find pages easily, sticky notes to remind Matt to hoover and a big old notepad for multiple uses. I’ll certainly get a lot of use out of this present!


You might think this is quite a strange one but when we went to America, I fell in love with these Flipz chocolate covered pretzels. I think it’s the sweet and salty combo but they are incredibly moreish and I’ve been craving them ever since we got home. Fortunately my Dad managed to hunt them down on Amazon and brought me three packets (one of which has already been inhaled!) for Christmas – I could not have been more delighted!


Oh my, these slipper boots from my Mum are the comfiest things! I love slipping my cold feet into the fluffy soles of these. The outside is a mixture of cable knit and faux fur, helping make them the snuggliest treat for my feet!


I would be lying if I didn’t say this illustrated Harry Potter & the Philospher’s Stone didn’t make me hugely excited when I wrapped it. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and this just seemed a must have for any Potter head. It’s a truly beautiful book, full of the most incredible illustrations by Jim Kay. Somehow, these images put a whole different spin on the much loved story and you can’t help but drink in all the illustrations. I love the idea of reading this book to my children and you just know they’d find the introduction of the pictures really appealing. This really is something I’m going to treasure forever and I desperately hope that they release all of the other books in this fashion as I will be the first in queue to buy them all.


Last but not least was Matt’s present. I’ll admit that I’m really difficult to buy for and I didn’t actually tell him anything that I wanted because there wasn’t really anything I could think of! Each year we give each other Christmas cards but for some reason he insisted we waited until Christmas day to exchange our cards. Assuming he had simply forgotten, I shrugged it off and it wasn’t under after I’d opened some presents from him did he finally pass me my card. Tearing open the envelope, I began to cry as soon as I took in the image in front of me. For stretched across the front was New York (note the Luna Inc, heh). A quick skim inside revealed he was taking me to New York for my 23rd Birthday in three weeks! I have never been so shocked, surprised and grateful for such a wonderful gift, he continues to spoil me all the time. Matt has already decided most of the itinerary – and I’m more than happy to oblige with his plans – but if you have any recommendations such as where to go or where to eat, I’d really love to hear them as New York can be so overwhelming!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas whatever you were doing and are comfortably full of food! More importantly, I wish you the best 2016 and I look forward to sharing it with you all!