20th December 2015

Around this time of year, we all start reflecting on the past year and everything that has gone on. But mainly, we start thinking ahead to next year and what we’d like to change. With 2016 fast approaching – seriously, how crazy is that? – I began wondering why it is we are so quick to pick what we want to be different. Which is why I decided to set you all – and myself too – a challenge.

Instead of the usual ‘New Year, New Me’ malarkey, I want us all to ‘Celebrate You.’ Basically, I want you to sit back and appreciate yourself and your life, the trials and tribulations of 2015. As humans, we are heavily flawed and we know it. We are drawn to loathe our imperfections rather than relish them and I totally get it, being more than guilty of it myself. It’s a lot easier to tell yourself ‘I really hate this about myself” or “I really want to change that.” While wanting to change something is not always a bad thing, it’s good to be able to get to a point where you can embrace yourself for all you are.

In the entirety of a whole year, we have all gone through so much. We have laughed, cried, loved, lost, made friends, lost friends, grown and found ourselves. Each day we have created memories, both good and bad. We continue to exist through it all. And that is what needs to be commended. I am a hugely negative person, a complete glass half empty kinda gal. So in an attempt to lead by example, I’m going to pick a few things from this year , about myself personally my life, that deserve celebrating and that I wouldn’t change.

1) CAREER: I don’t talk about my job on my blog, albeit it briefly, but I changed job roles in the company this year and I feel like I am slowly but surely progressing along the ladder in the way which I want. I know I have a long way to go, but I’m trying to hard to stay positive about it and to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to work where I work.

2) DRIVING: I’ve been driving for three years but I’m still quite a wary driver. I get nervous driving to places I’ve never been before and where I know it’ll be busier. This year however, I’ve definitely pushed myself to drive to new places and also on my own. I feel so much more confident behind the wheel.

3) LUNA: By now you’ll know all about my little bundle of fur, our sausage dog Luna. I’ve had family dogs before but it’s never been entirely my responsibility to keep an animal alive since I’ve usually been a child and my parents are there to pick up the slack. While this hasn’t been the difficulty and having an animal comes with a hell of a lot of positives, it also has its negatives. I mean who wants to be cleaning poo up in their house? Nonetheless, I’m really proud of how we’ve adjusted to having Luna in our life because it is a shake up. But she is more than worth it and the love and happiness she brings us has only helped enrich our lives further.

4) MUSINGS & MORE: This year, I started my blog! It’s always something I’d wanted to do but it was 2015 that I finally took the plunge and I really love it. I’m able to write creatively how I want and it’s something I’ve become really pleased with. I truly hope it’s something I keep up and I’m excited to see how it progresses.

5) MY HOME: I’ve spoken about my house a few times so I won’t go on about it, but 2015 was the year we finally moved into our house after waiting for it to be built. When people find out I own my own home (and a mortgage *cries*) at 22 years of age, they are usually really impressed. Most of the time I brush it off in some way, but you know what? It’s actually pretty cool! We worked really hard to afford the house all without any help and for once, I’m going to let myself feel proud of that.

So there are my few of my own personal ‘celebrations’, now what about you? Sit back and let yourself reminisce about the year of 2015. Of all you have achieved and been through. I want you to be selfish, wallow in the magnificence of you for a moment and don’t you dare feel guilty about it. It’s a brilliant idea to have goals for the next year to come and I encourage that, but rather than throw 2016 into a safe and locking it with a key, take time to relish yourself, to celebrate you.