22nd November 2015

This week, we have been in our first home together for one whole month. I’ll be honest, it whizzed by as there was just so much going on including getting our puppy, Luna (meet her here!). It’s been a massive life change and I’ve already learnt so much in the four weeks we have been here. I think I’ve definitely changed for the better though, I feel like I’m less selfish as I have others (boyfriend + dog!) to consider. I spend less time on the internet (though maybe that’s because we have none…) and more time appreciating just ‘being.’

With this though, I have also lost lay ins, being able to starfish alone in my bed and not having to share my chocolate. The truth is though , I don’t actually think I mind so much.

Anyway being the nosy bugger I am, I personally love taking a look into people’s homes so thought I’d give you the chance to have a little look around my kitchen and the bits we’ve picked up.

If you didn’t know already, I’m a keen baker. I love to make cakes, cookies, biscuits,
brownies… basically anything sugary and not remotely good for you! Any baker will know of the – very expensive – Kitchen Aid which essentially makes whisking and mixing a whole lot easier for you! They really are gorgeous pieces of machinery and also come in a variety of colours. I could never justify spending so much money in one time so for a while I’ve been putting aside £20 every month towards the cost. Finally, when in Manchester a couple of weeks back, I was amazed to spot the very colour Kitchen Aid I’d been lusting after in Selfridges, this lovely baby pink. It was a limited edition colour in support of Breast Cancer awareness a little while back and I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere online. I hovered around it for ages, questioning if I should buy it or not. I find it really hard spending large sums of money as I am SO money conscious and even though I had saved up months for this item specifically, I was still struggling to commit. A sales assistant must have overheard us talking though as she offered to put the last and only one of that colour behind the till for us.

So we wandered around the rest of giant store before finally going back to the kitchen department where we stood and I dallied again. What eventually sealed the decision was when I heard another woman enquiring about the baby pink kitchen aid and I knew I had to have it! Even better was that there was an offer ending the very next day where you got a free food processor attachment for the kitchen aid and a glass bowl, both worth £264! You can imagine how quickly I handed over my card at the till!

I absolutely love having the kitchen aid in my kitchen. It’s beautiful, iconic and something I’m going to have for the rest of my life and it makes baking so much easier and a lot less messier for me!


No longer do we have our lovely parents to cook for us, so myself and Matt take it in turns
(depending who gets home first!) to cook dinner. I’d seen a few people use this chalkboard menu and it’s actually been really successful for us so far. Before a new week start, we’ll sit and work out who will be cooking when and then it’s up to us individually to decide what exactly to cook and what we need to add to the shopping list. It makes life so much easier knowing exactly what we’re doing and you aren’t frantically trying to think of something to cook on the spot. It’s helpful when food shopping too as you know exactly what you need to buy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

We brought these tea, coffee and sugar canisters ages ago and I couldn’t wait to get them out when we moved in. They are from a brand called Edward Monkton and I love the funny little quotes on them and the crisp white with the pastel colours. We even managed to find a matching biscuit jar, which is slightly larger reduced in Homesense so we have the full set!

I love this shelf. We actually put this up really quickly when we moved in and it helped a lot in making us feel quite homey. The three pictures from Ikea were chosen because we went to London for our first Anniversary, to Paris for my 21st Birthday and New York is somewhere that is quite high on our list to visit next. So eventually, all three will hold great memories for us. Also from Ikea were these two lanterns which were so ridiculously cheap but look lovely when lit up with tea lights. There was always going to be a Yankee Candle on display and currently we have ‘Vanilla Cupcake’ which just seems the perfect scent for the kitchen and is sweet yet not too overpowering. I can’t wait to use the large Kilner jar drinks dispenser for when we have friends over, I plan on filling it with a fruit punch or homemade lemonade so people can help themselves! Naturally a kitchen wouldn’t be mine without a quote and this red sign from Next courtesy of my Mother is a lovely addition. It reads ‘Be the reason someone smiles today’ and I really think it’s a wonderful sentiment.

I hope you’ve liked having a peek into my kitchen, what do you have or what would you like to have in yours?