TRAVEL: Nassau, The Bahamas

21st October 2015

When planning our Florida holiday, we always knew as it was such a long way to go for a week that it would make sense to have two weeks. We toyed with the idea of spending both weeks in Orlando but decided that it would be too much. My Dad suggested travelling to another country for a week and eventually it was settled that we would go to the Bahamas! It was only a 50 minute flight from Florida on the day and it was so strange to end up at in a country that is so very different from America!

Nassau, the Bahamas was a beautiful and very chilled out country. This was we wanted after a hectic week in the States where we were always busy and running around doing the parks. We wanted to be able to lay back and relax, to enjoy the beautiful scenery before us and really feel at peace. This was exactly what we got!

Again, my Dad was the chief planner and kept it a secret where we would be staying so we had no idea until it stood there in front of us. While he kept trying to play it down, telling us our accommodation was nothing to get too excited about, I knew he was bluffing us. On the day, we were taken to a white-washed townhouse which looked perfectly ordinary from the front. It looked pleasant enough but then we walked inside and even from the doorway you could get the great stretch of sea that lay through our balcony. Naturally this was where we all ran too first. You could literally climb down from the balcony and there it was, the gorgeous warm water, waiting to be enjoyed. As you can see, the bedrooms also had fantastic views which you could settle into a chair and enjoy. I immediately got excited about having breakfast and dinner outside, soothed by the gently lapping waves.

We then walked around the complex where there were two large shared pools which we found out were barely used. My Dad explained that a lot of the time there wasn’t many people there as the complex tended to be consist mainly of holiday homes. There was plenty of access to the sea and a great stretch of beach which again, was almost always empty when we were there!We spent our time not doing not a whole lot really, which was just fine by us. We spent hours in the sun and pool, reading and sleeping, forgetting about our lives back home. Snorkelling was something that featured heavily during our time in the Bahamas and who wouldn’t want to, with so much of the depths below to explore at our disposal? There was plenty for us to see in the sea and one day my dad and boyfriend even discovered a wire crate which had trapped many fish inside. Between them they managed to dive down and lift the crate out of the sea, freeing the poor fish who had been trapped there for goodness knows how long!

One activity we had pre-booked was a dolphin experience. On this day we were taken by boat to The Blue Lagoon Island which was a beautiful private island with untouched land and clear, turquoise water where you could lay back and relax on their wonderful beach, take part in water sports, grab some food or meet dolphins and sea lions.

Before I explain what our experience entailed, I want to stress that I was very keen to be sure the dolphins were well cared for. As pointed out to us, in the wild dolphins live an average of 20-25 years but under human care they live much longer and healthier lives such as Princess who was 42 years of age. They are protected from predators and pollution which are common stressors in the wild. Each day the dolphins are given a healthy and balanced diet alongside physical and mental stimulation. The dolphins we met had all undergone extensive training to interact with people, learning that all participation is safe and voluntary. It has taken years for the trainers to have a trusting relationships with the animals. Dolphin Encounters also work actively in protecting marine mammals in the wild and a beach clean up programme.

Anyway, we were put into small groups and then got into the water where we stood in a line on a submerged platform. Our dolphin was an Atlantic Bottlenose and was absolutely beautiful. In turn he gave us all a hug, a dance and a kiss, as well as splashing plenty of us in the face! He was very cheeky and playful, often showing off in front of us all. Overall it was such an incredible bucket-list experience and was so wonderful to be able to get close to these incredible creatures.

The Bahamas makes the perfect place for a relaxing holiday for some well deserved time off. As I said before, as a country it is very chilled. It’s certainly not the cheapest place to eat out at or buy groceries from, but that is to be expected. On the contrary, the buses were $1.25 and would take you anywhere you wanted. The people were very welcoming, friendly and extremely hospitable.

Have you ever been to the Bahamas? Where would be your dream holiday destination?