MAC and Sephora Haul

7th October 2015

Something I was really looking forward to when visiting America last month was the shopping. I knew that the US would have so much that we don’t in England and boy was I right! It actually got to a point where at times I would walk into a shop, wander around and then walk out again. There was just too much! Somewhere I dived straight for though was Sephora, of which we don’t have one of and I’d never been in before. Imagine the heart eyed emoji, that was literally me as I took in the rows and rows of make-up brands that I’d only ever read about online.

I genuinely wish I had researched more online before I’d ventured into the store as I just kept going round and round, stopping and starting, not knowing quite what to put into my basket. There was such a vast amount of choice and knowing that I would get the products for less than I would in England, I really wanted to make the most of the time. I actually think I did pretty well considering and only ended up picking up two items.

The first was Anastastia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz. Now, I’ve never used anything on my eyebrows. Ever since I was younger, I’ve had big, Hermione-esque eyebrows that until the last few years, I’d left well alone before venturing into plucking and waxing. I actually find them quite daunting to do and it’s something I just don’t know where to begin with. I have this massive fear of touching them actually, I see so many girls with brows overdone and it just looks awful! I’d heard very good things about Brow Whiz and if I was going to start attempting to touch my brows, why not start with the best? However. Having tried to use this multiple times, I’m really struggling! I’d love to hear any tips or be directed to any advice you can give as I can’t seem to tell much difference after using Brow Whiz. What am I doing wrong? I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps I should start with an easier product first!

Next up and more successfully, was the Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray . Again, this is something I’d never used before but I was sold by the idea of keeping my Make Up fixed on my face. It’s a seriously weightless spray. It supposedly lowers the temperature of your make up to give it longevity. I don’t know if this is true but I do know that it has seemed to keep my make-up on for longer than usual, though not from morning to night and I’d argue any product that claims to do so is a complete myth. However this is something I will firmly be keeping in my make-up routine.

We have access to MAC stores back home but being on holiday, I felt a bit more frivolous and fancy free with my money. I adore everything about their lipsticks and have a long list on my phone of the next ones I want to buy next, so I was always going to have to pick up a couple. My shades of choice was Twig and Captive and I love them! Captive is a satin pink-plum and Twig is a satin pinky-brown. Both glide on wonderfully and are rich in colour and are just what I want to take me into Autumn.

I’d gone into MAC originally to purchase Studio Fix foundation but when the make-up artist applied it to my skin, I hated how it sat on my skin which can often be dry at the best of times. Noticing this too, she explained MAC had a new Pro Longwear Waterproof Foundation and we tried that instead. What a difference it made! My skin was flawless to the point that when I left the shop to go back to my patiently waiting boyfriend (what a saint!), he stared at me and asked: “I thought you’d had your make-up done? Your face looks all…perfect!” Now that was all the confirmation I needed that I’d made the right decision! I’m so pleased with the foundation, though my own gripe would be the small amount you get for the price.


Sephora is the most incredible shop and I can’t wait to go again! Have you ever been to one? What did you pick up?


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