Harry Potter Haul!

14th October 2015

During my trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which you can read about here, I was faced with several Harry Potter themed shops in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Now there was no chance I wasn’t going to be leaving America without anything in my suitcase!

The shops themselves were just how I’d imagined them in the books, everything from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to Honeydukes were spot on. I can’t imagine how odd it must feel for J.K Rowling to walk around the places that had inhabited only her brain, only for them to be there in real life, interactive form. It really was awe inspiring and you couldn’t help but feel like a Witch or Wizard shopping for their school bits.

Now seven or so years ago, I would have headed straight for Madam Malkin’s for my robes (Gryffindor, naturally) and Olivander’s for my wand but I didn’t feel I could quite get away with that at twenty two, although I definitely slipped into a robe once…or twice!
So instead, I hunted out the items that I knew would look good in my home, pieces that would get people talking and picking them up to look at. I already knew I’d wanted the cauldron mug so this was one of the first things that I sought out. It has two handles to hold and is made of really sturdy stuff. You can fill it with whatever beverage you want, hot or cold or even none at all if you just want it for show. I know however that I will definitely be filling mine with tea!

Something I hadn’t expected to pick up was this gorgeous feathered quill and ink pot. When I was little I dreamed of writing with a quill and I remember even taping a feather to a pen in an effort to be just like Harry. Matt heavily encouraged me with the quill, pointing out how nice it would look. And I couldn’t agree more, it really is beautifully made. It also comes with black ink so if I fancy giving writing a go, the option is there!

I adore this embossed, leather-look book. You had the option of choosing a specific house crest but I wanted all four instead. I don’t think I plan on actually writing in this book as I feel like I’d be ruining it! But it’s definitely a lovely memento to keep and will look great in a cabinet somewhere next to the quill and ink.

Having been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London, I knew I wouldn’t be picking up a chocolate frog as I already had one. However at that time they had run out of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans so it was when in Florida (where there was hundreds!) that I finally managed to pick up a box. I adore the packaging of this product and the colours are really vibrant and will stand out so well. The flavours include the likes of vomit, dust, black pepper, soap, earwax… Not a single of those sound too appetising to me at all so I think this is one I will firmly be leaving alone!


There was so much more I could have brought from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but sometimes you just have to reign it in! Have you brought any memborilia before? What is it you would be after? And finally, I’d love to know what Hogwarts house you’d like to be sorted into!

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